Teachers of the Universal Mind: Conscious Creating

56777Do you want to be more involved, consciously, in creating your reality and choosing your experiences?  There are “steps” in the process of conscious creating, which, when followed can allow you to change perceptions and gain new realizations and insights into your patterns of reality creating. This article covers the steps involved.

Most Importantly:

Maintain your connection to Unconditional Love.

Be in the moment.

Learn to make these 2 things your instantaneous response to any situation.  Don’t react—step into love and into the moment.

From this place of love and in this moment, you do not react from the past and its patterns, emotions and fears…or from the future.  Future issues are also based on fears, but from a moment of now…pure in love.

From this place, any action or speech will be guided and directed by unconditional love.  What is truly for highest good of one, will in turn be for highest good of all.

These are the steps:

1) Take responsibility for your reality

Be honest with yourself.  Look at yourself with honesty and openness.   The only thing consistent through all of your life experiences is YOU.  If you are not enjoying what you are creating, look within.

2) Get clear on what you want

Ask yourself questions like these:
.…….Is this desire coming from a “me” place or a “highest good” place?
……..What are you becoming?
……..Does this support what you want to become?
……..How do you see yourself?
.…….Does this help you to see yourself in a positive way?
……..Does this help me be in a “place” of love?

3) Change Thoughts/Patterns

Be Aware of your thoughts.   Your Thoughts create your reality.  Each thought has a result.  Like attracts like….what are you attracting into your reality through your thoughts and state of mind?

4) Retrain yourself to Positive thought patterns and habits

Don’t judge yourself for “slipping” into negative attitudes.  That just pulls you into them.  Just intend to be aware.  Each time you “catch” yourself in a negative thought or pattern, you are learning and growing.  Each time this happens, “rephrase” it in a positive way- i.e…”I’m so dumb, how could I do that?” can become:
…“I’m learning and growing in each moment—each experience.  I radiate love and wisdom in all that I do.”

5) Realize/Recognize that in each moment you choose your place of perception

This can be a perception from a place of love, or from a place of fear.  There are no others, only variations of these.  You can consciously choose to change your perception in any moment.  Thinking that you cannot do this (change your perception) is a limitation you place on yourself.  A way of saying— “I give my power to ______”

6) Remember….YOU create your reality

You can do this with love and empowerment, or with fear and lack.  It is always your choice.  As you practice being aware of your choices in each moment, you will notice it becomes easier and more natural to choose love rather than fear.  Begin to send energy into the areas you wish to explore or create in your reality/life.

This can be done first on an energy/mental level through visualization.  See yourself in the scenarios you wish to create, with the events/props/people you wish to attract.  Play out situations.  Feel, See, and Hear what it will be like to have that reality.  Allow your “imagination” to have fun with this.  There are no limits, only those you create or choose to impose upon yourself.

From this visual exploring you will begin to have a sense of greater clarity as to what you wish to create.  Be honest with yourself in your exploring.  Explore also what lessons and areas of growth this new area of reality will bring.  Are these lessons/growth areas you wish to explore?  Can you see the need for growth and expansion in these areas?

All areas of reality, all experiences will bring growth and learning.  This is good…however we can choose the areas in which we wish to experience growth, by taking this responsibility for our creating.

Dreams may also be used for exploring and creating on this level.  For those who work with lucid dreaming, this is a powerful creative tool.

As you become clear on what you wish to attract/create, begin to focus physical energy into creating it.  I would note that openness to the highest good is recommended as we are not always fully aware of what is most needed.  Be open to joyous surprises!

This putting of physical energy can be done by learning about the area of reality you wish to attract.  Taking classes, workshops, reading books, putting yourself in positions to interact with others who have similar interests and desires or have accomplished similar creations.  By doing this, you openly “state” your desire, interest and intention to the Universe.

SEE yourself as successful in what you wish to create.  KNOW that you will accomplish your goals.  Be open and alert to doorways, signs and opportunities where spirit guides, friends and others may seek to assist.  Do not be so focused on “doing it your way” that you miss opportunities to be assisted.  REALIZE that assistance can come in many shapes and forms.

Honor yourself as you begin to see your creations manifest in your reality.  You may begin to see ‘small’ events or things appear in your reality first.  These are doorways or the laying of the foundation.  Honor these as such.  Appreciate them, but do not stop with them.  (Don’t think, “This is all I can do.”)  Recognize it as a sign, a confirmation from the Universe, that you are on the right pathway.

If opportunities continually appear which lead you in other directions, and none in your “chosen” direction- be open to the possibility that the Universe/your guidance may be leading you to other areas.  Explore these and see where they take you.  This can be done while continuing to create in your area of choice, and may in fact, increase your success.

Be open to change.  Recognize that the only consistency in the Universe is change.  Honor your achievements and growth, but realize that all things change.  Even our goals and desires change as we grow and change within.  When change occurs, it usually symbolizes a need for redirection, learning and exploring new areas.

Change can be for a variety of reasons, and should not be taken personally.

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