John: The Master’s Words

148976898382189The following was channelled through Joan, one of the founders of our healing sanctuary in London.  Joan is now 92 and as an elderly lady has become a deep trance medium through whom many highly evolved beings, often on the council of the Sanctuary, are able to speak.  I hope that you will enjoy these words, John’s theme being faith.

I am John. I have come once before to

Mike Quinsey 3/17/2017

148573761543550Although you may not be aware of it everything is going in accordance with the plan that leads to Ascension. It may bring forth different periods of time for completion and one thing is certain, and that is the changes for the better are destined to manifest and nothing will be allowed to interfere with them. You can therefore withstand the uncertainty, knowing that all proceeds

Ron Paul: Whistleblowers Are The True Heroes And Patriots In America

wbinfIn today’s backward world, whenever a whistleblower publicly exposes government corruption, politicians respond by condemning the source of the leak rather than investigating any unethical behavior. This doesn’t make any sense in a society that prides itself on being ‘free,’ for none of us are free when we are lorded over by a dangerous government that deceives the public in order to enrich those who manipulate government to their personal advantage.

Numerology Series: 444

angelnumbersNumber 4 resonates with the vibrations of the Archangels, practicality and responsibility, productivity, illumination and initiation, building solid foundations, stability and ability, honesty and inner-wisdom, determination and endurance, hard work and progress. Number 4 also represents our passion and drive and encourages us to work