When Whistleblowers Tell The Truth They’re Traitors, When Government Lies It’s Politics

wbinfImmediately after Wikileaks released thousands of documents revealing the extent of CIA surveillance and hacking practices, the government was calling for an investigation — not into why the CIA has amassed so much power, but rather, into who exposed their invasive policies.

“A federal criminal investigation is

Mike Quinsey 3/10/2017

148573761543550You have been told many times that nothing is really as it seems as you have created your own reality. It reflects exactly how you have understood your needs and how to cater for them. You have also been inspired to seek the best results that will have gradually moved you onwards and upwards at an ever increasing pace. Progress has of course been ably assisted by the incarnation

The Council of Radiant Light: Your Capacity For Unconditional Love

counciloflightHello, Divine Ones, We greet you in love. We are excited because you’re starting to discover your capacity for unconditional love. You’re starting to pay more attention to your ability to choose what you focus upon, and many of you are taking to heart this idea that you might focus on what you easily love. That is the most effortless to bring more ease and alignment into your experience.

Black Raspberries Significantly Lowers Cardiovascular Disease

blackberry_21E8E525F3F06Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) has long been used in traditional alternative medicine in Korea because of its potential to improve vascular function. An extract found in black raspberries can significantly lower arterial stiffness, a key measure of cardiovascular disease, according to data from a Korean study.

Sananda: There Is No One God Does Not Love

sanandaAll is unfolding precisely as divinely planned and intended, there are no other options.  Humanity has collectively chosen to awaken spiritually, and evidence of that choice is appearing all across the world and is being reported on by many news and alternate news sources.  Underlying all the disturbing or unsettling events is an intense desire and will for change, and that is what is driving humanity powerfully forwards towards

The Council: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

thecouncilWe have spoken more than a few times explaining who are. Some prefer to have names attached to this sort of message. We understand that. But you have been reading our messages for a few years now as being from The Council. Why is that?

First let us say that many who sit on this council either do not have names and have no need of them.