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There is a strong cleansing process happening now

I have been hit with a cold three days ago and I’m still recoverng. A strong cleansing process going on here. For the past couple of weeks more than half of the people I know have been/are sick. Flu, cold, … Continue reading

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Stay Calm During March Madness

March begins with a fiery energy, adding tensions on the world stage and within individuals seeking a respite from turbulence unfolding as 2017 began. Continue reading for tips on how to stay calm and find your center. Doing that regularly … Continue reading

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Celestial White Beings: The Principles of Ascension and the Cosmic Law

Grounding our light into your being and connecting with your soul, we, the Celestial White Beings bring forth the Principles of Ascension and the Cosmic Law to assist you at this time of your evolution. Many of you are unsure … Continue reading

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Archangel Gabriel: You Are Always Receiving God’s Love

Dear One, God’s love is the energy that permeates the universe. It is the essence in which you live, move and have your being. There is no time when you are separate from Divine Love, whether or not you are … Continue reading

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Arcturian Council: Mining the Present Moment

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. Every moment is sacred. Every second of your lives is precious. It is a commodity. Your precious and sacred moments have within them more than … Continue reading

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