There is a strong cleansing process happening now

147787834972579I have been hit with a cold three days ago and I’m still recoverng. A strong cleansing process going on here. For the past couple of weeks more than half of the people I know have been/are sick. Flu, cold, headaches and more. And they all think it is because of the crazy weather patterns. Warm and sunny in the middle of winter.

Stay Calm During March Madness

lightworker11March begins with a fiery energy, adding tensions on the world stage and within individuals seeking a respite from turbulence unfolding as 2017 began. Continue reading for tips on how to stay calm and find your center. Doing that regularly throughout the month is your key to progress on many fronts, including work and spiritual

Celestial White Beings: The Principles of Ascension and the Cosmic Law

147338359782004Grounding our light into your being and connecting with your soul, we, the Celestial White Beings bring forth the Principles of Ascension and the Cosmic Law to assist you at this time of your evolution. Many of you are unsure as to the journey of ascension which lies ahead, as well as how your own personal ascension can assist the transformation of the Earth at a physical level into a place of love, peace and harmony. The contrast between the love you