Mike Quinsey 3/3/2017

148573761543550Be aware that it is the joint consciousness of the people that is bringing about changes, that will lift you up out of the chaos and uncertainty that has existed for a long, long time. They have awakened to the power that they possess and no longer bow to the dictates of those they now recognise as the dark Ones. For far too long Humanity has accepted the rule

Angelic Council: You are BEcoming Responsible Co-Creators

counciloflightWith the latest influx of the powerful Light codes now in the process of being integrated, courtesy of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon energies felt recently, we are presently BEing upgraded to an even greater (and more powerful) level, where we are consciously aware of, and feeling, our ever expanding Lightbody and Kundalini energy growing stronger and stronger within our field of energy.

Sananda and OWS: There Is Nothing To Stop These Energies Now

1485892238829This is “Sananda”. I did not announce my presence earlier to this one, James. Again, I am here. I am here to continue the process, the process that was begun so long ago. Here we are now as we continue on. Continue with our endeavors, continue on with all we have come here together to do. Together we are operating here. Together we are

The Council: Turn Your Magnets On

thecouncilWe have a rather new message for many of you. The title of this message actually says it all, but let’s discuss it a bit.

Some of you are already living within small groups of like-minded people. Some of you are even within rather large circles and can discuss things freely with many people. But the truth for many of you is that you feel very alone and separate.