Angelic Council: You are BEcoming Responsible Co-Creators

counciloflightWith the latest influx of the powerful Light codes now in the process of being integrated, courtesy of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon energies felt recently, we are presently BEing upgraded to an even greater (and more powerful) level, where we are consciously aware of, and feeling, our ever expanding Lightbody and Kundalini energy growing stronger and stronger within our field of energy.

We are now BEcoming responsible Co-Creators as we learn (or rather remember) how to use our energy more wisely and responsibly.

We are becoming aware that the attributes of Love, Trust, Faith, Compassion, Grace and Gratitude held within ourselves require conscious expression in order to create powerful change. What use is love if held within the walls of a closed heart? How can the energy of gratitude best be expressed if not through heartfelt expression and purposeful thanksgiving at every opportune moment?

These attributes are not requiring to be expressed in order to please anyone, or to please our Creator. These are powerful energies and they create a huge cosmic flow of positive energy that reverberates throughout this entire Universe.

These energies have the power to create powerful positive change within our own lives and the world we see around us.

Through our powerful co-creative energy and the conscious choices we make in our life, we are realizing it is through our creative expression that the wheels of creation are set in motion.

Do not under-estimate the power you are currently holding. With each in-breath you BREATHE IN more of the Cosmic Flow of Divine Creative energy that sustains ALL Life and ALL of Creation!

Therefore decide today how you would best like your World to BE, and cease giving your energy away resisting and trying to change others.

It matters not if they choose to build their walls. What matters is how you choose to use YOUR energy.

All change begins with you and you alone are responsible for what you choose to do with your very precious and vital energy, therefore choose wisely.

We love you! Namasté.

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