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The Family of Light

Family of Light volunteers are on Earth to aid in planetary change and transformation. They are to bring in or ‘remember’ high levels of information, guidance and awareness…and most importantly to anchor the energy of unconditional love. This is to … Continue reading

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Preparing For The Equinox Energy Gateway

This Equinox is a key energy threshold that offers a gateway into a new future allowing for more balance and new beginnings. Here are some preparations you can put in motion now to benefit in the highest way. Equinox, as … Continue reading

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Numerology Series: 333

Number 333 resonates with the vibrations and energies of number 3, appearing three times, tripling its influences.  Number 3 relates to encouragement, assistance, communication, freedom, adventure, exuberance, inspiration, creativity, social, easy-going, the visionary, humour, energy, growth, expansion, the

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Message To You From Venus

Intentions create a void – an opening for you to rearrange your life. In order for new energies to be integrated, the old ones have to be dis-ordered… which creates chaos. The more high vibration energy you bring in, the … Continue reading

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