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WikiLeaks: CIA Hackers Can Pose As Russians – Ring A Bell?

Let’s see. The CIA claims that Russian government hackers interfered in the US election, on the side of Trump. But suppose CIA hackers fabricated an operation to make it look like a Russian hack? Too far-fetched?

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Sheldan Nidle: The Miracle is Now Fully Under Way

3 Imix, 4 Ceh, 13 Caban Selamat Jalwa! All is going extremely well. The dark is becoming shell shocked, as it is quite apparent that its supposed victory is quickly fading away. The dark cabal is now racing in vain … Continue reading

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Archangel Michael: You and Only You

Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you. We would like to begin by asking all of you to give yourselves some credit. We would like for each of you to recognize yourselves as having made it this far. … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford: Human Liberation Nears

Full Report We are witnessing desperate attempts around the world by the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia to reverse recent defeats and remain in power. However, these efforts are failing on all fronts and more and more prominent Satanists are disappearing.

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Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon March 2017

The March 12th Full Moon falls in the earthy sign of Virgo. As the energy of this Full Moon lingers for the next two weeks, we are all going to enter into a time of self-healing. Virgo is typically the … Continue reading

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