Stay Calm During March Madness

lightworker11March begins with a fiery energy, adding tensions on the world stage and within individuals seeking a respite from turbulence unfolding as 2017 began. Continue reading for tips on how to stay calm and find your center. Doing that regularly throughout the month is your key to progress on many fronts, including work and spiritual breakthroughs.

Progress Potentials

Despite the craziness playing out in the world, you indeed have many potentials to move forward this month.

One helpful factor is that there is an energy of change in the air. While that’s normal in many respects, the March energies support taking more risk and applying what you know with more confidence.

As you read those words, you likely connect with some ideas of practical application. Example: a project you want to take to the next level could benefit from your focus and action. Likewise, a new habit or even a new way of presenting yourself could be created.

On days when you feel intensity, step back and use spiritual alchemy so the intensity works for you and not against you. How? One way is to channel the intensity into something that stirs your passion. This is a way to supercharge a creative project or other activity.

Creatives know that some of the best songs and books are written during tense and difficult times. Use the material of your life for good.

March Goals

In the early days of March, consider making a short goals list of projects you want to manifest and situations you want to shift. If you keep your list specific and limited to 3-5 things, it may be easier to stay focused and on track.

Once you have your list, be sure to energize it daily with intentions and visualizing. The idea is to imagine the outcome as though it’s here now, with your enjoying the fruits. Avoid projecting it into the future, or it remains a future goal.

Do not be stingy with yourself. Remember that you are the creator of your life. Set the bar high and see yourself achieving your dreams.
You are a divine changemaker after all!

Calming Tips

To remain calm during March’s bumpy times, come back to basics. These include daily grounding and centering – essential for clear inner guidance, inner peace, and outer world success. You can’t be too grounded or too centered this month.

Also helpful will be taking short breaks from routine, sitting, and technology. Get up and out of your usual setting often, moving your body and your consciousness into different environments. Observe people enjoying the day, also taking moments to smile at strangers.

At least once daily become still and go within to ask this simple question: “What is the gift of X situation or dilemma?” The answer to that can help you move into a higher view that includes gratitude and perhaps even foresight about how a successful outcome can be achieved.

Energy Markers

Energy markers this month include the full moon in Virgo on the 12th, the change of seasons with the Aries equinox on the 20th, and a supercharged Aries new moon on the 27th. On such high-energy days, allow for heightened sensitivity and volatile situations. Strive to use the expanded energies for the good of yourself and others. Daily remind yourself that there is a higher purpose for your life, and even for current challenging life circumstances. Trust that divine right action helps you as a soul to live your best life.

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