Ashtar: Great Shifts

ashtarSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence with my Spirit Guide Team I am graced with the presence of the vibration of Ashtar.

Greetings Dear Ones

All races, nations, civilizations, stars, planets, galaxies, and universes form part of the great collective… The Galactical Federation of Light – No one is excluded… we aim to elevate every race, nation, civilization, stars, planets, galaxies and universes…

I AM Ashtar and many other NAMES… many lightworkers mistaken me from the material form of (whom you know to be Ashtar Sheran… I am not… I AM an Ancient Being that hath existed from the beginning… I am part of the Great Expansion… for there are many expansions to my being… for there is only one Great Commander of the Galactical Federation… and it is the one that overseeth the Universe that we are in….Many will know me to be the one of many names… I AM the Morning Star and the Evening Star. I am the Rising and the Setting of the Sun. I have embodied many times during the many Golden Ages of your Earth and in many other lifetimes too both on your earth plane and in other planets, stars and realms of reality. I exist and co-exist in every dimension, vibration, realm and universe.

I am what many would see, a Shepherd…. For I am a Shepherd of many Souls and many Seeds and many that exist within the Universes.

There are a group of beings within the Galactical Federation whom are working to bring forth peace on your Earth Plane and in this Universe and other Universes that many of you may not know of. Many of these beings represent the different galaxies, stars, planets and nations.

Many Galaxies and Star Fleets are indeed coming together now to bring forth peace.

We are also during these times are faced with great challenges but during these times we must face these challenges with love and peace within our hearts… Many do go off the paths of their misunderstanding. But do not be dismayed for it is when they face the misunderstandings, many lessons are learnt.

Great shifts are indeed taking place at this time within the galaxy, Cosmic and Planetary movements bringing in fresh waves and assisting you all with activations and heightened awareness.

During this great wave, many blessings are coming forth, many veils will come down connecting you with the other realms of reality.

Many other realms of reality are coming forth at this time assisting in the great healing and elevation of your Earth at this time.

A great coming together is being achieved at this time. Embrace the great blessings that are coming forth.

I AM Ashtar and I speak through Elaine this day 30/3/2017.

Channel: Elaine Degiorgio / Sent via Email to EraOfLight

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