Planetary Illuminations for April 2017

149113116518822We are in the second phase of a dance between expansive Jupiter and the Pluto force of destruction and renewal that began last November and which I wrote about last month.  Under this influence it becomes easier to let go (Jupiter) so that Pluto can do its work of salvage and removal.  Think of Pluto as being like a carrion bird which doesn’t kill, but instead makes the best use of anything that has already died and then removes the empty shell.  The end result is a positive one, but the process is not always easy.  (You can read here how this has manifested in the political situation.)

In April we have several planets changing direction (or more accurately, appearing to change direction from our perspective on earth.  When a planet changes direction it behaves similarly to a car which is making a U-turn – it appears to stand still in the sky and its influence becomes more powerful, especially if that planet is affecting a planet in your own chart.

Saturn (discipline and endurance) turns retrograde April 6th and is currently forcing us to confront our inner wounds with a challenging square to Chiron. If you find yourself feeling more emotional than usual and wrestling with old stuff that you thought was resolved, this is a good time to clear the decks by working through them.
Mercury (mind) turns retrograde April 9th but begins to slow down about a week before that so nearly the entire month of April we will be under this influence.  Read this article for tips to make this a successful journey.
Venus (relationships) has been retrograde since March 4th which may have put stress on your interactions with others or caused you to look to the past rather than the future.  Venus turns direct April 15th and the lessons learned from this period will begin to take hold.

Finally, Pluto turns retrograde April 20th but will literally be at a standstill during the entire month (as well as May).  Pluto’s laser beam makes it difficult to avoid facing the Truth, no matter how difficult, and tends to intensify all interactions and confrontations.


Venus enters Pisces April 2nd which brings us in touch with our artistic and creative sides.  An experience of harmony and spiritual oneness becomes more important and more easily attainable.

We are energized both physically and emotionally between April 5-7th and our will and desire can be focused in order to achieve what we desire.  The impact of Saturn changing direction can help to focus this in a very helpful way.

For a day or so on April 7th our level of confidence and optimism is increased but we may find ourselves feeling somewhat restless or dissatisfied.

Relationships are tested on April 8th but this is also a positive time for working on relationships and estabishing new ground rules.  The general atmosphere is intensified that day which could create some interpersonal issues.

Mercury turns retrograde on April 9th (see above and this article).

The Full Moon on April 11th is in Libra, opposite the Aries Sun.  The polarity here is a balance between our own personal needs (Aries) and finding our own equilibrium and inner balance (Libra).  This Full Moon interacts with Uranus, Pluto AND Jupiter, setting off the big Uranus/Pluto cycle once again and fomenting an irrepressible urge to break through barriers (Pluto), throw off any shackles that may bind you (Uranus) and find your own way (Jupiter).  I will be writing more about this on the blog of course!

Venus turns direct on April 15th and if you’ve been having difficulties in your relationships, going back through challenging issues over and over, this may help.  Between the 15th and the 17th a few other minor planetary interactions will help to facilitate easier relating and working through difficulties.  We will also have improved energy levels during this period so if that is an issue for you, take advantage of this time!

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th and we leave the fiery time of Aries for the softer, more placid season of Taurus.  Between the 19th and 20th our mind is focused and serene, but when Mercury (mind) enters Aries on the 20th we will become more impatient and restless.

Mars enters Gemini on the 21st, leaving placid Taurus for the curiosity and effervescence of Gemini.  Expect to be more easily distracted for the next few weeks, but Mars in Gemini can make it easier to slip in and out of circumstances and facilitate any necessary change.

A stressful Venus aspect on the 21st could put pressure on relationships for a day or so.

On the 24th we will have a day of exceptional mental focus – an excellent day for anything requiring discipline or for difficult conversations.

The Taurus New Moon takes place on April 26th. For once, this is a peaceful and serene lunation (lunar event) – Taurus instills balance and groundedness and a powerful connection to the Earth.  The New Moon makes no aspects to other planets and is able to stand alone, shining a bounty of peacefulness to help to calm the spirit.

The only challenging planetary cycle occurring at the end of the month is the second phase of Saturn square Chiron, bringing our attention to any wounds within that haven’t yet healed.  Saturn is the teacher of discipline and success, and under his tutelage if we do focus on the lesson at hand we can reap great rewards.  in this particular dynamic, it is better not to shrink from the flood of old emotions stemming from painful emotional memories, but instead to face them head on and work through to resolve them.

I will leave you with this quote from Dan Millman*, which I think accurately expresses the planetary climate we face today:

“To rid yourself of old patterns, focus all your energy not on struggling with the old, but on building the new.”
“Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives”

I hope you find this information useful!  If you’d like to know more about how your own chart is affected by these planetary influences, consider a personal consultation with me.

Meanwhile have a wonderful month!

best wishes,


PLANETARY CALENDAR (dates and times are Eastern time zone)

4/2 Venus enters Pisces
4/6 Mars trine Pluto
Saturn stations retrograde
4/7 Sun opposite Jupiter
4/8 Venus square Saturn
Sun square Pluto
4/9 Mercury stations retrograde (til 5/3/17)
4/11 Full Moon 21 Libra 2:08 am
4/14 Sun conjunct Uranus
4/15 Venus stations direct
4/16 Mars sextile Chiron
Venus sextile Mars
4/17 Sun trine Saturn
4/19 Sun enters Taurus
4/20 Sun conjunct Mercury
Sun conjunct North Node
4/20 Pluto stations retrograde
Mercury enters Aries
4/21 Mars enters Gemini
Venus square Saturn
4/24 Mercury trine Saturn
4/26 New Moon 6 Taurus 8:16 am
4/28 Venus enters Aries
Mercury conjunct Uranus
4/30 Saturn square Chiron

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