Mother Sekhmet: Release The Old

149141003951284My Beloveds, I AM Sekhmet, I AM the protecting Goddess – Force for those who call upon me.

I come forth with love and compassion embracing and facilitating the Cosmic Consciousness on your Earth bringing forth the 144th degree of Cosmic Lion Consciousness and Ray 4 Diamond Light to your Earth. And beloveds at this special time I AM at service to humanity to assist with your adaption to the new incoming frequencies your planet is presently receiving.

It is the Light from the Fifth Dimension which is now available for all those who can locate these frequencies with their conscious feeling awareness.

I AM here to offer you My Loving assistance with the vastness of my consciousness to let go of all density in your thought and feelings and physical bodies.

Merging with My Loving Consciousness, while allowing me to merge with your heart, draws you into the light of the Fifth Dimension and out of the lower vibrations that the controllers of your world now are feverishly trying to intensify in order to keep you there and to prevent ascension.

But if you choose so, with My help these lower energies can no longer hold their grip on you as I offer you to draw you beyond them.

Please accept my help if you feel you need it.  Many of you lightworkers are at this point targeted by negative forces who don’t want to give up their power over your planet.

Who is asking for My Protection in this intense battle occurring now on earth will immediately given support.

The remaining forces of the old world are now increasingly reaching out for your unresolved content. It might be content which you have not yet surrendered to the light.

This could be childhood memories, old traumas or shocks which are still sitting unconsciously in your cellular memories or it could be issues from former life times and any weakness you have not yet overcome.

The controllers are trying to regain influence over you by using their technology to magnify these energies.  They hope this would save them their vanishing empire.

But do not be afraid! Know that they actually are really serving you, because you can release what becomes conscious to you!

With my loving help you can let go of these dense energies, not only in an instant, but also withdraw fully from their domain of influence: you become invisible for them as you leave fully the vibrational dimension of their reality.

So I offer you help to raise your vibration forever, to release what belongs to the frequency of your old world.

When you allow this you are doing a great service, not only to yourself and humanity itself, but also for your Sacred Beloved Planet Earth and ultimately the whole universe!

We are here in this all together! The power of the past is no longer meant to hold territory in the realm of your universe.

What is necessary now is your full agreement to merge entirely and without restriction with the new higher dimensional light that is pouring into your reality.

If you can do this on your own, I salute you for your accomplishment!

But if you need assistance, ask for it! We are ONE at HEART and what I AM, is just a still unconscious aspect of Your Divine Self.

Therefore calling upon Me as your Ally you are calling upon a mighty Part of Yourself that you have forgotten.  For you all are my beloved Children and we are all interconnected and part of ONE.

To remember it, is the Power that you now require for your victory in this battle.

I AM here. I AM Sekhmet and I speak through Elaine and have asked for this message to be shared with you all this day.

Shared per request via Email.

Channel: Elaine Degiorgio

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