Full Moon 4/11 Update

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Full Moon is Tuesday, April 11, at 12:08 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Since it is just after midnight MDT, the 10th, Monday is a good day to begin honoring and celebrating this moon. The anchor of this time needs to be time out in nature, honoring both the higher emotional center with its beauty and inspiration, and the instinctive center with its link to vitality and raw energy.

A full moon intensifies everything and this is especially true this month. It is up to you what gets intensified. Don’t indulge in the negative. Be proactive with your intentions and get fired up about something that inspires you. This is big energy we are dealing with these days. Mark this time of the full moon with some big intentions that you can start following up on with a grounded action plan.



Astrological Notes:

Libra Full Moon
Sun in Aries ~ Moon in Libra 21º

Tues., April 11 12:08 AM Mountain Daylight Time
(Tues. April 11, 7:08 AM British Summer Time)

Someone keeps hitting the cosmic replay button and we once again repeat the magnificent tension of an ongoing Grand Square in cardinal signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn). We have a big lesson to learn. Grand Squares send us into stress, but they are also highly dynamic. We leap forward because our pants are on fire! For many a Moon, this configuration of crisis and opportunity has formed and reformed around the Full and New Moons with eclipses and equinox to maximize the focus. This Libra Full Moon is aligned with Jupiter so the yin, emotional and feminine (Moon) is expanded and magnified by Jupiter’s unrestrained presence in air sign Libra. Jupiter is Zeus, the King after all, so the Moon is prime. Air signs are mental; so expect both some emotional objectivity along with excessive emotional analysis even obsession by the mind. An air sign Moon teaches us flexibility, to bend like a tree in the wind and to fly above the earth and gain perspective, neutrality and clarity.

Actually, the Sun and Moon are aligning with the on-going T-Square of Jupiter opposing Uranus with Pluto squaring them both. This is big collective energy. It’s Vesta that draws it into a Grand Square. She represents our sacred inner self where we draw our raw sexual energy of desire from the lower chakras up into our hearts and focus it for a committed purpose. Dedication of this energy of sexuality and passion to a purpose that supports our heart’s desire is what’s being called out. Vesta tends that sacred flame that lights the inner sanctum within our hearts. Perhaps it’s dedicated to the goddess, to our art, to presence, to our hearth, to justice, to the transformation of society. When Vesta is such a repeated pivotal energy as it is here, it is a call to go within, seek out your intuition for guidance and clarity, to honor the sanctity of the center of your personal spiritual space. The Grand Square creates a map that shows that not only major, radical social and political change is upon our planet but also the necessity of inclusion of our spiritual source. Whatever obstacles, habits, blindnesses have stood in the path of including our spiritual consciousness in our current transformation are being raised to our awareness and cleared with much concomitant pain after the long separation from spirit. The awakening realization that spirit is what makes us whole and is available to support us in drawing down immeasurable gifts is what is making this planetary transition powerful and glorious.

There’s another call to slow down and find your center in this whirlwind of transformative time. Many planets will be retrograding this month. Venus, Libra’s ruling planet, Jupiter aligned with this Moon, Mercury that tangler of computer cords and mischievous misaligner of communication and connections, Saturn aligned with the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy downloading the mysterious and the necessary, and Pluto slowly transforming all our social-political structures and revealing our darkest underbellies, all these will journey retrograde in April.

  • Venus – already retrograde and entering Pisces 4/2 direct on 4/15
  • Jupiter – Retrograde Feb 6-June 10 in Libra
  • Saturn – Retrograde April 5-Aug. 25 27º Sagittarius
  • Mercury – Retrograde in Taurus April 9-May 3 fully out May 20
  • Pluto – Retrograde April 21-September 29 in Capricorn

We are reassessing, regrouping, recoiling, reinventing, rethinking, remembering, repairing when there is so much retrograde power in the air. The past spiraling back to us often resurfaces and rekindles old lessons and memories. We remember why we want to be or don’t want to be on a path or in a relationship or job. It’s a time of reflection.

Nonetheless, The Sun still reigns in optimistic, freedom-loving Aries so close to dwarf planet Eris who is not afraid of discord and confrontation to facilitate justice and clearing the way for truth. Uranus makes it a trio bringing in the unexpected, the chaotic, the innovative solutions. The Full Moon week of April 7-13 will see the mighty Sun aspect all the planets in the Grand Square (Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Vesta) hugely activating these forces. It’s Saturn in Sagittarius sitting at the center of the galaxy that is the mediating factor for all the dynamic stress and growth. Saturn in Sag says, ‘look to the bigger picture, longer horizon and set good boundaries, honor your limits, and tighten up your discipline’. Saturn can help channel all the heat and fire from Sun-Eris-Uranus-a truly volatile possè. The pressure is here to take your life to a higher frequency and there is always help along the way ~ that’s how the universe rolls.

Venus is ruler of the Libra Full Moon chart. She’s traveling within a degree of Chiron in Pisces as she continues retrograding to become the Morning Star after her recent journey to the underworld transforming from the Evening Star of winter. With Venus-Chiron in conjunction, we are healing the ultimate, deep feminine wound, we are making ourselves whole again, bridging the worlds of the conscious and the unconscious, awakening to the cost of disrespecting the resources of the Earth and her value to our well being. Looking into the mirror of the other, we’re healing who we are in all our relationships from the Earth to ourselves right up to the person most intimately next to us. Deep work. Powerful transformative movement. Welcome the gifts of Venus – your sensual nature, conviviality, cooperation, earthly pleasures, beauty of sound, vision, color, equanimity and balance, harmonious exchange of grace.

All times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST)

    • 04/19 Sun in Taurus 3:27 PM MDT
    • 04/26 Taurus New Moon 6º 6:16 AM MDT
    • 05/10 Scorpio Full Moon 20º 3:42 PM MDT

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