From Reader Chris H.

148555221144974Morning Kejraj,

It is nice to here from you and the positive suggestions we may collaborate. This is the era strongly biased toward Collaboration and Cooperation … and of course Love and the Light within being the Living Truth.

Before we move forward, I need to mention my current effort focused on helping those who cannot help themselves. That being the Homeless. If you have read my Bio, you will see I continue to follow the same path from childhood to the present. If you haven’t read the Bio, the link is here: Ego Revelations: ‘About The Author’

In my view, as I am sure you agree, is that the understandings regarding one’s Ego is always relevant, and even more so in these current times. It is the Ego that is imposes a great influence at this pivotal time. It has great influence from political decision making to the many disclosures of Truth and very high Integrity. In the lower realm, a great degree of those decisions are still being stealthily guided by the Ego. The point: The most central issue regarding disclosure, to me, is the knowledge of how to easily identify when the Ego is the primary influence of one’s decision making processes, especially with world leaders at this time. So, yes it is important regarding making the book known and available to as many as possible.. and quickly. The Amazon link is here:

Now, a second project that is even more urgent is the Homeless of this world. It may be that the Homelessness will be resolved by our currently invisible extended family, along with several technologies suddenly becoming available. But, the timing remains undetermined. Because of this, I am moving forward as if any solutions could be up the road a bit. In the meantime, the Homeless continue to suffer including Families with Children. I have 2 plans, one in Hawaii and a plan B here in Virginia at the West Virginia border. All the rest is explained in the Crowd Funding Campaign. Here:

You will notice, both projects have never had actually marketing. Hence, the seeming docile stance each has. I have yet to determine an ethical non-manipulating full service marketer. Since I have never compromised my own integrity, my search continues. With the Campaign, being at FB and only 3 Donors, when Go Fund Me reports 4,700 was sent, I finally realized, FB has limited greatly how many actually received or can even see the Campaign. Of course they make a generous offer to Pay for greater exposure. Imagine that! LOL

So, there you have it, my wordy dissertation as infinitum. LOL Have a nice Saturday Kejraj, Chris.

Chris A. H. – Via Email.