Horus: Celestial Sounds

149054254870556In connecting with my Higher Self, in the Sacred I AM PRESENCE with my Main Guide Heru, Lord Lanto and the company of my Spirit Guide Team I give the following message to you:-

Greetings dear Ones,

I Het Heru, come forth to give you the message of Sound this day. We delight in the major changes that your Earth is making at this time. We work with you to raise your vibration and frequency both personally and also the with the Leylines Vortices and Sacred Sites of your Earth.

Many of you have shifted and many of you now have been attuned to the sacred sounds of the universe.

The reasons for these signals, is to bring to you information on a subconscious level, a level that we can more easily and readily work with. Just trust in this process and know that you are being attuned to the higher frequencies in order to connect with us and for your vibrations to be lifted.

We are watching over you beloved children and we so wish you to feel both our ‘presence’ and our ‘heavenly assistance’ – these signals act as Divine codes which help metamorphose both who you are now and who you are becoming – a higher light being of higher frequencies and magnitude.

We gladly assist earth beings as they reach higher ascension levels, but in so doing need to cross over the various halls of time. Here we are now talking of parallel universes and higher vestiges of time space reality.

A portal is being offered, and just as you receive a sudden phone call or ‘knock’ at the door (celestial laughter), we too knock at your energy field and attempt to communicate with you and bring you tides of good fortune. We are ever present in your lives and wish you to know that we are there, ever by your side, literally just a ‘whisker’ away.

Do not be dismayed with the Sounds but dear children be blessed as you are making great progress with your vibration. We encourage you to Sound out the Sounds and to Meditate and listen… what do you hear? Wonderful dear children… We want to communicate with you at all levels to assist you with your Ascension to assist you all on your pathways.

Celestial Sounds are here now to bring forth healing at all levels to release from your cellular bodies that of the material matter that do not serve you a purpose. As you are releasing and clearing much will rise within your Soul Memory about your identity and your Soul Purpose bringing forth healing to Past Life Memory and Ancestral Lineage as well as any past and childhood trauma that you are carrying and that needs release.

All is good and all is well. I send out my Divine Love and Healing to all my Children anchored on the Earth at this time bringing about the good work.

I AM Het Heru (Hathor) and I speak through Elaine this day.

Channel: Elaine DeGirogio – Shared per request via email.