Message From Mercury For You

149113116518822Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. It receives seven times more heat and light than Earth. This close proximity to the Sun allows Mercury to communicate the wisdom of Light – as the wise Messenger.

Now our solar messenger is nearing the end of its current retrograde. In less than a week Mercury will be stationing direct again.

And that’s not all… this Mercury retrograde transpired in the midst of a major celestial restructuring with many planets changing direction in the heavens at once, the result of which is propelling us to manifest new, wise life choices.

A change of direction for any planet carries the strongest impact, so watch for Mercury’s influence on your life in the next two weeks.

Let’s take a closer look.

  • Mercury stations at 24° in Aries – Fire sign, First sign and Forward Momentum sign.
  • 24° puts the focus on love, responsibility, abundance and family – the same qualities Taurus symbolizes, the sign the SUN is currently journeying through.

You are cracking open new paradigms in those areas of your life.

You are giving BIRTH to a new message, as your internal communication compass is inspired by Mercury pivoting direction in first sign of Aries.

You are rewriting how you choose to communicate your Light.

But that’s just part of the story.

Intimate new contracts are unfolding now…

Who are you choosing to journey with? Mercury retrograde wants you to be more selective – and more open. That may sound contradictory…

On Friday, Mercury Retrograde will be conjunct Uranus. (Merged together, these two planets are forming a Grand Trine with Saturn and the North Node of the Moon which will be fully activated in May.)

Your mind will be stimulated to explore greater depths inspiring you to create a NEW reality for yourself. Watch for flashes, insights and surprising breakthroughs.

(Welcome your AHAs, yet don’t move forward with them just yet – wait until later next week once Mercury moves direct.)

Your personal interactions with others, especially new people that appear in your life, will reflect a new elevated you – you’ll surprise yourself by how open you are as you share your soul with those who honor, cherish and respect you.

This is how you will open up – and be selective at the same time.

  • Share wisdom with those who care.
  • Notice with whom inspiration can flow naturally.

Your discoveries are happening at a time when the opportunity for positive change is greater than EVER.

Be conscious of absolutely everything you focus on. Whether it is how you choose to relax, or how you choose to work.

How are you being?

Talking, speaking, voicing your thoughts can be helpful. However, when talking isn’t backed up with BEING and DOING, it is actually a delusional façade masquerading as truth.

Mercury retrograde in Aries is giving you a communication overhaul so you can start again – with absolute integrity and a love of truth.

BE what you communicate.

Say it, and mean it to the core.

When you walk in Truth, the most positive spiritual transformation is guaranteed.

It’s the PERFECT TIME to clear the deck and be present with yourself and everyone while seeking complete clarity.

Then watch out! Immense opportunities await you in May when Mercury moves direct and the GRAND TRINE with Mercury joining Uranus-Saturn-North Node manifests magical and lasting shifts in your life!

This is the birth of a new YOU.

Love and Blessings, Tania Gabrielle.

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