Full Moon in Scorpio, May 10, 2017 – Karmic Release & DNA Deprogramming

astrology eraoflightBeloved  Ones,

In our ascension journey, we still continue to cross the bridge that leads us towards our New Earth Home. It is precisely at this time that we are presented with a cosmic gift  for all who are still working on releasing their  karmic patterns, DNA deprogramming and clearing from old implants – negative thought forms and other forms of alien/human manipulation. It is precisely at this time, when we are still uncovering the many false layers of our lower self – as well as the ones that other people show us – that we are blessed with a magical and revealing Full Moon, at 20 degrees Scorpio, that will help us go beyond our human senses and primary desires.

In the end, ascension is nothing but the descension of our True Essence into our  human body, and for this to occur, first we must do the inner work of genetic reconstruction of our original DNA. For it has been deeply manipulated since eons through many methods such as controlled brain waves created to shift our brain activity, lately through social media, chemtrails and many other ways.

In the midst of a month, in which, we are governed by Fire – as we still have a lot of Planets in this sign – and the Earth element (Taurus) – that invites us to focus on our mental and tangible plane – the Full Moon will open a  healing doorway for us to focus on our inner realms, regaining control over our minds, which is done through conscious deprogramming of all these negative implants, through certain tools – such as sound for example – which helps change and release old patterns, and begin to awake that which still lies dormant within ourselves.

Truth about our hidden emotions, not embraced yet, and about everything we should unify, will arise, for we also have, at this time, Saturn at the galactic center at 27 of Sagittarius in an exact square to Chiron, which is in Pisces. A gift for us to be honest and understand if we behave with integrity and authenticity or if we still allow our fears – and lower self – to control our true power.

With this Full Moon we have a time to heal, rejuvenate, regain our power and transform what seems broken to our human self, and do it not just from our inner realms, by transmuting old feelings into unconditional loving ones, but also moving this healing frequency towards our physical vehicles, for they carry many negative patterns that we tend to unconsciously repeat. It is a wonderful time, with this Full Moon, to end a micro karmic cycle within ourselves, as the Full Moon will not only trine Chiron, the Cosmic Healer, as I call Him, but it will also sextile the Planet of Power, Pluto, at the same time that the Sun will also trine Pluto.

The Fixed sign of Scorpio is also ruled by two of the most powerful Planets, Mars and Pluto. Mars gives us the fiery and Warrior-like energy that we need to initiate the proper changes to shift in our lives, while Pluto – a Planet that is all about power, regeneration and rebirth – activates the necessary changes that need to occur for us to transform all that is not working any longer in our lives, helping us to dissolve our inner struggles, as sometimes all outer conflicts may just be a reflection of inner ones.

Both Forces invite us to be careful with our inner Fire, and just put our unique Life Force where is appreciated – maintaining conscious interactions – and reminding us that the true power of a Warrior, does not reside in fighting or convincing anyone, but about standing firm within his love/power, no matter how the outer may seem at the moment. We cannot control others, neither can we control the conditions, but we can always control and decide how we react with what is given to us.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will also align with the fixed  Star – Zubeneschamali, Beta Librae – a green star within the Libra Constellation. The frequency of this star is associated precisely with the karmic baggage we may still bring to the higher dimension in which we are so eager to dwell. This star reminds us of the importance that disengaging ourselves from the old has, in every aspect of ourselves, in our emotional, mental, spiritual bodies as well as within our physical bodies, where all the – old – karmic genetic patterns and many other negative implants still reside. Soul retrieval is one of the first tools we can also use for soul integration and liberation of past wounds and karmic soul contracts that we may still have from any past lifetime or present one and that impedes a major growth as well as the inner peace that forgiveness brings.

Another important cosmic event, offering us the same healing message, will be the nodal axes moving, on May 9, from Virgo/Pisces into Leo/Aquarius polarity. This is where we come from. We emerge from a total clearing/deprogramming of what was impeding us to shine – as Sovereign Beings – within our own life experience. We were – and still are – at some point, clearing our karmic patterns, not just from within but from the remnants of all the old implants that still remain in our physical bodies.

As the North node will be moving into Leo, we pass from feeling fear and dis-empowerment, to stand tall in our truth, for we have been navigating within the depths of our being, remembering who we truly are as well as the unique soul mission we brought here, and we are now ready to embrace our power – and open our hearts – to all that shall touch our lives.

The liberation from our past and from everything that keeps us attached to it, comes with the South node moving into Aquarius, for this is where true karmic release occurs and we are able to embrace a Higher destiny, one that our soul prepared for us long ago before we projected ourselves into this physical reality. One that should be accepted and welcomed as a blessing, without all the scary scenarios that our human self tends to create.

It is a Moon to transform ourselves from fearful and unconscious beings to sovereign and empowered ones. For we are just beginning to realize our true potential, one that does not come from external power or narcissism, as is also habitual, even in the spiritual community, but a true power that emerges with knowing where we come from, being humble, in love with All, and making our own decisions from a conscious space of respect and unconditional love as well as taking responsibility for them.

This is also a very intense time for our relationships and Divine reunions, although all encounters are Divine in essence. The first ones may still show us karmic patterns to be resolved, the second ones, are the ones who begin to help us master the art of co-creating as equals – something that will benefit All. If you maintain a relationship with someone who even if he/she seems enlightened, is showing you or you are showing to your partner, certain old patterns that are not at all aligned with your true essence and soul path, judgment will only show you more of what you still have not healed, within your lower self.

Have you ever caught yourself repeating old patterns within a relationship without even realizing it, without even feeling it? Do you still repeat compulsory behaviours – addictions to any substance, repetitive negative acts towards yourself or others etc – that destroy your body when in truth you do not wish to harm anyone? All this is not coming because the energies are too intense and we are dealing with the old. Everything that you repeat and that lacks a true feeling behind its action, is coming from your ancestral, past/present karmic patterns hidden deep within your DNA – unhealed and still active – which is why you keep repeating them as if you were a robot, being told what to do.

When we are shown – in our partners – certain negative traits that seem impossible coming from who we think they are, but that again are showing us separation, it is a wonderful opportunity, and as always, soul pre-planned/agreed, to show our egoic human where we still hold limited beliefs and a false mask, pretending to defend, the deceitful self we have created or simply, protecting the image we think we have. This is a gift, revealing you/us where we still focus on superficial and meaningless things, instead of focusing on the important.

It is a blessing for both souls – experiencing this relationship – as on their own these old human traits, would never have surfaced. This is also when we become aware and realize if we walk the talk or if we are still judging and thinking we are better, more spiritual than others, when we have not taken the time to even look within.

Do we appreciate what these souls, that our lower self sees as negative, are showing us? Do we truly appreciate the effort that not just these souls but the entire Universe has made to put us together at this precise time, to help us master our lower self? Or do we still blame this other person for our pain and make judgments based on what our human being will always be unable to perceive from a lower physical reality? If so, only by being honest, observing ourselves with neutrality within unconditional love and compassion – will we be able to dissolve these old hidden fears.

Doing rituals, calling upon the Ascended masters, Angels, Archangels and many other beings who are already evolved, will not do your inner work of clearing your mental and emotional Plane as well as your DNA, from old attachments and negative implants, only you can do so from within. When you put your attention, trust and focus on other beings, on outer healers, who say they can do this for you and heal you, then you are giving away your Light – power – to heal, therefore losing your connection to your True Essence and allowing other forces/beings to take control of your physical body and mind.

When we say we are Sovereign Beings in charge of our own choices, but then, instead of sharing, reuniting with the souls who can help us confirm where we are, we try to find a saviour, we are again allowing our lower mind and its fear to control our human experience. At this phase of our ascension journey, neutral observation is pivotal, for us to truly discern if spiritual ego or other hidden forms of egoic defence mechanisms – and manipulations – have taken control over us.

There is no better time to move inward, and burn the ashes of the old, than with this healing Scorpio Full Moon. Deprogramming ourselve is done from wihtin, it is done by literally erasing old programms from our mind, and replacying them with new ones that are now aligned with who we truly are. There are many roles to dissolve that are still part of who we used to be: the rolse of the victim, the many ones we play due to our negative ego and many defend mechanism we tend to use to defend the lower self. There is nothing more powerful than when we decide to take our power back and begin transforming our life from within, for it is there where everything we blame in the outer, truly comes from.

This is a Moon to release yourself of all the illusory realities where your egoic self keeps you dwelling, in fear. This is a time for you to stop being afraid of who you are and instead of using your power to destroy yourself, for there is no one else doing anything to you, direct it towards the necessary healing that your entire being needs for it to ascend in the physical.

When you begin to experience the many challenges, physical sensations and other hidden painful emotions hidden deep within your heart, remember, beloveds, no one has ever done anything to you. You were the most absolute creator of your human life experience and you keep doing so at every single moment.

As you find yourself with no person – or external circumstance – to blame, you will feel vulnerable and confused but it is precisely at this time, when the opportunity to feel unified again, occurs. The choice to open yourself to experience a higher way of existing, the higher power of living within Divine Love, is, as always, yours to make.

In love and light ∞ Natalia Alba.

» Source – Author: Natalia Alba