Your Flashpoint Lifetimes

higherselfAs our world continues its massive remaking, there is an energy of intensity and a sense of urgency in the air. For perspective, we simultaneously sit in the annual Wesak season with its abundant blessings and potentials for greater spiritual understanding. In this article I address the link between these two diverse forces and remind you about a significant past likely forgotten.

Your Significant Past

This past is your past. It involves key flashpoint lifetimes that helped set the stage for your enlightenment in this life.

Just as humanity has flash points of awakening, you as a being experience unique moments over time that set the stage for your soul’s progress. These involve key past lives you experienced throughout the centuries leading to now. During a flashpoint lifetime, you experience conditions permitting sudden acceleration.

Consider that this very lifetime is a flashpoint lifetime. 

Examples of previous flashpoint lifetimes:

  1. you mastered a talent that would be a pivotal piece of your soul’s expression
  2. you met a key person(s) who over the centuries you would bond with in other lives, that person being a vital element of your success this life
  3. you had your initial experience with a spiritual teacher who taught you about the nature of mind and reality
  4. you learned directly or benefited from teachings by the great ones like Buddha who set the template for enlightenment
  5. you played a key role during times of great civilizations like Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria, planting seeds for what you will experience now
  6. you lived through a cataclysm and discovered keys for survival in shifting realities
  7. you witnessed or personally experienced things abhorrent to your soul, making vows or agreements about what you would do if ever faced with similar circumstances again
  8. you had an experience with extraterrestrials or other advanced beings who understood the nature of energy, time, and life that exists on other worlds.

Whatever your flashpoint lifetimes are, there is a divine purpose for having more awareness of them now. We live during a unique moment on this planet, and much is at stake as we sit on the edge of accelerating changes. The key thing to keep in mind is that we as individuals and as a collective are at choice.

There’s no accident that those of us seeing ourselves as divine changemakers are here now. That is purposeful and a divine orchestration. You likely already sense this.

Wesak Connection

The key importance of a flashpoint lifetime is in how it prepares you to accelerate your enlightenment. You may have never heard about or attended a Wesak, yet your DNA akashic records holds a memory of what the ancient enlightened masters taught about enlightenment.

This memory is always there to access. However, with fewer veils between dimensions during Wesak season, you can grasp expanded levels of spiritual understanding.

This season is called Wesak because this is the place in Tibet where enlightened masters like Buddha gather on the inner planes. The purpose is to honor those beings who already achieved enlightenment, and to celebrate the potential of all beings to achieve the same state.

To accelerate your own enlightenment, it’s helpful to have a knowing of the pivotal or flashpoint lifetimes that led you to be here now. This knowing is not a mere conceptual idea. It is an experiential understanding of key pieces of your soul’s journey that helped orchestrate your being in the right place at the right time. These auspicious circumstances can open doors to a quantum acceleration.

Remember, you did not come now to live an ordinary life. You came to be an integral part of an accelerated awakening of humankind. It’s not just for the masses, it’s for you as a spiritual being. Consider it the precious opportunity it truly is.

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