Judas Iskariot: Towards The Light

judas iskariotI am Judas Iscariot and I am here today to give a welcome greeting to the abundance in the world. A rain of abundance has started to fall today to an extent never previously seen in your world, dear Earthlings. Can you feel it? Can you understand it? Nevertheless it is true. Everything has started and all your dreams can be fulfilled, the dreams of many others as well. It is a special time you live in, so treasure it in the best way you can. Be humble in your mind and generous in your hearts, then you will receive all that you need and more. Yes, it is a senseless time with much joy and many trumpets sounding. Earth has changed direction and is now moving steadily towards the light. Her children are doing all they can to come along with her now. It is a bewildering time, but yet so joyful.

Yes, dear children on Earth, your work has started with waking up those that are still sleeping and give comfort to the hungry and poor – Giving comfort in the form of giving them all they need to live a good life, while you at the same time show them how love leads home. It leads home to the beautiful planet that you once left, but now are ready to return to. Again you take on the mantel of being our dear Mother Earth’s guardians and stewards. You protect again all her fantastic wealth in the form you call Mother Nature. Yes, it is true joy to be part of and witness everything that is happening on Earth today. Finally you get to harvest what you have worked for under such a long time. Know that you are loved beyond all understanding and that you are today’s heroes.

Mother Earth is a pearl in the Universe and many have worked so that she again will enter the light where she belongs. She is a longed for jewel and much revered and loved far beyond this galaxy. Understand that you are doing an important job, dear Earthlings. A large and important job has been placed in your hands and this is why all eyes are on you now and you get all the help you need. The bell has struck and there is no more time to waste. Let the manna reign down from heaven and wake up the remaining sleeping humans. It is high noon to wake up now. Mother Earth is shrugging, as she wants that those that are sleeping to wake up and follow along with her on the journey. It is the journey leading to the light and beautiful world that you for so long have dreamed of and almost forgotten that it existed. Somewhere deep in our hearts we kept the dream alive and now it is time get it manifested.

The time is now, dear children on Earth. This we have said for so long according to your way of seeing things, but now it is really here. It is now that you can pull your straw to the stack. All that are conscious and awake can do something. We can come together and help each other. All hands are needed in the reconstruction of our Mother Earth. She is grateful that the day is finally here, when an abundance of love can rain over her surface world and help all life that exists there. It is a wonderful time, a time of miracles, a time of love and my heart is beating from joy and love for our Earth, for you, for all that is happening on Earth today. Take this to heart and be the humble, wise and true bearers of the light that shines on Earth today. Listen all the time to your hearts to hear which path you should follow, which work you should do and how you best can do it for the best of all. Let your abundance rain down everywhere you go. Be brave and understand that you have all the help you need now, as this is what you came down for. This was your gift to Mother Earth and she will thank you thousand fold.

I leave you now with the knowledge that you are in save hands.

Much love, Judas.

» Source – Channel: Ann Dahlberg – Translation from Swedish to English: Per Staffan