GodHead Gifts – Before Creation, Clearing Your Cache’ (Akashic Records) for Accessing The Halls of Amenti and Infinite Access to All

starseedsThis recent Light Encoded Gateway has opened up collectively for more access to all new timelines by each. We’ve entered into Expedited Askashic Clearings, Thoth/Halls of Amenti access and Godhead abilities for BEFORE CREATION too. This has been available to/by Forerunner Gatekeepers continually holding these highest encodements from within, and anchoring these Christed frequencies in their own body templates and holding these NEW EARTH Constructs in place. The entire gridwork/gate system has synchronized with Gaia/Galactically and Crystalline/Christed BEings physical bodies for all to link up too, and become of part of further anchoring these higher timelines in the physical together and from within each one of you.

Your abilities and infinite realities rely totally on you, utilizing your abilities that you have AS Expanded Consciousness to bring even more forth/through. You will be limited by your limits an and bound by your own energetic transmissions and actions that CREATE. Your total presence is required, if you DESIRE to experience REALities without boundaries or limits here. All of this… your creation as an alchemist here. One is intentional and fully conscious of every vibration, action, thought and the other is unconscious/not. That which you experience will be determined by which aspect of you is present and acting/in control.

Until you have completely cleared your Akashic Records (full consciousness long enough (years) to no longer be susceptible to unconscious programming to play out for you), then every time you act on anything, this vibration activates a stored cellular program in your physical body/akashic records to start to play out for you. The magnitude of any “consequences” (multi-dimensional vibrational cause & effect) will be determined by the “lesson” you require/agreed to as a Soul to experience here. Lessons are just our experiences to teach us what to do and not to do, according to highest consciousness ALL OF THE TIME, not just when it suits/serves you. As a NEW Earth BEing, you are required to consider everything, how this reflects on you/others, how this affects you/others, how this triggers/activates realities for you/others… you are the one that must take everything into consideration before you do anything… ever again. Physical REALities RETURN EVERYTHING vibrationally to you.

Higher Mind Consciousness has a whole different set of “rules” than the unconscious dimensions of 3D/4D did. Selfishness, not caring, disrespect, lack of consideration, resistance, insistence, imposition, greedy, lack of honor and integrity, being shut down/closed off, not sharing, not supporting, not holding higher regard and a lack of sacred inner connected love ruled the heavier density realms that are now expediting to clear.

That which you see/experience/are faced with is yours. Those in your reality, those choices are yours. Each to see what you will choose and the vibration you transmit out through the entire Universe/Galaxies/across all Dimensions every time that you do.

Higher mind consciousness makes you choose between your human’s wants and what is of the highest regard, highest integrity, highest honor… no matter what your emotions try to dictate, your responses are your KEY. Your Actions, your thoughts… these are your KEY. With every breath you must be conscious, for if you “go unconscious” and act from an unconscious place, you activate your Akaskic Records/Cellular programs vibrationally/energetically to start to play out….

Human aspects cannot SEE across all timelines instantly, all ripple effects, all realities that could be created from that one little action, from that comment, from that decision or choice, that vibration….

You, as a Highest Consciousness BEing, you CAN, it’s just one of your SIMPLE, natural and organic abilities that come forth when you maintain the absolute highest vibration and maintain expansion all of the time.

As an unconscious human aspect (separated/egoic/asleep), you let your emotions, perceived realities and beliefs dictate your responses and actions and when you do this you activate an unconscious reality to experience here.

As a fully conscious Light BEing you always DO from the highest state of consciousness (expression) and you no longer let your little human control/drive your ship.

Who is at the helm dictating your existence here?

This passageway we have come through and are in right now, we’ve activated a huge Akashic Records clearing of everything in the/your/our cellar body. Any huge programs or just remnants now expedite playing out. Your own full presence is REQUIRED for you to recognize this for yourself. Everyone that you allow/bring into your reality and their actions, your exchanges… everything reflects on/back to you. That which you are aware of requires that you utilize your Mastery/Alchemy gifts to shift, dissolve, tune accordingly to eliminate anything that can reverberate a reality of LESS THAN PURITY back to you. This requires your Purity in all things and everything that you act/hold/think/do.

Highest Consciousness Embodiment is a totally different experience than what your unconscious human was aware of and realities work very different here. INSTANT alignment is how this works, for we do not create realities that bring stress, chaos, lack forth to experience anymore and we are aware of the POINT OF CREATION at the moment all is being CREATED as the Source of ALL.

Instant alignment means no more game-playing (human lack/chaos/manipulation/greed) and it means aligning every reality BEFORE IT IS CREATED, not after as the sleeping human aspect does.

BEFORE REALITY IS CREATED is a gift we all hold here. Before Creation, our own God/Galactic/Thoth aspects give us the capABILITY to function from this place easily, yet we are the ones that must EMBODY our own highest light and no longer compromise our own integrity/honor/purity/love.

Observing and learning the TRAITS and CHARACTERISTICS of each aspect teaches you how all works here. It shows you what you still hold and how vibrational realities work as well.

If it’s in your current reality/world, then it is yours reflecting back to show you many things. What you still hold, what you allow, where you lack honor/integrity and which what characteristics/traits you still hold as a human or higher self here.

Passive aggressive, avoidance, defensiveness and not caring on a Soul Level for how you are affecting and transmitting out… this activates your uncleared akashic records to play out.

These enhanced/advanced light encodements delivered/activated daily now are moving all into the highest vibrational timelines, yet they are only accessible as each holds PURITY at their core and chooses to HOLD the highest regards for all from inside and act from BEFORE CREATION point ….

As each REMEMBERS FULLY, all gifts, powers, abilities and infinite magic, purity, abundance are returned. They are a RETURN on an intentional transmission that holds no lack in any form anymore.

As each REMEMBERS FULLY, SIMPLICITY returns. It’s not complicated here. It does REQUIRE that each CHOOSE our PURE NEW EARTH EXISTENCE instead of continuing to the old self-serving-agenda game-playing-ways, without seeing the consequences first, without seeing the reverberation affect and the ripples and waves that emanate out to affect all others/timelines by returning to ZERO POINT and functioning as SOURCE CREATORS here.

You/We each hold a great responsibility that the human aspects does not take into account. Accountability for every action, word, transmission, thought…..

Your own higher mind consciousness will give you access and bring FREEDOM from the matrix realities that used to bind you to limits before. It will also show you where you are still functioning from ego/human separation, so that you can choose/shift your realities easier yourself….

Your challenge will be your own inner struggle/fight, to want to do what is safe/perceived as easy or secure a certain reality from emotional control/fear, instead of doing from honor and trusting/knowing that your own highest aligned reality has been activated to come forth/materialize when you have achieved the overall vibration with your whole body (integration/embodiment) to vibrate into that reality that already exists for you.

These highest vibrational realities are a response. Each MOMENT is the POINT of BEFORE CREATION now.

This recent gateway opened up access for collectives to now have access to BEFORE CREATION and GodHead Gifts, a great POWER returned.

Just having the knowledge is POWER, yet knowledge in the hands of your ego/human/Atlantean/Reptilian tempts you with manipulation for yourself, brings you through your own EGO to purify and cleanse your own distortion of mis-use of power and to see how this mis-use of power affects the lives of those you connect with….

This recent portal/gateway released encodedments to clear huge amounts of human ego/Atlantean/Reptilian/Hell distortions that any still hold within. Power without purity is how all of those civilizations (timelines) were destroyed/collapsed/fell from consciousness and we are here to RETURN ALL TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH PURITY again.

Your own Purity will come into review each time you are presented with a decision, experience, choice, action now…. If you mis-use your gifts and powers through your Ego, then it is YOUR reality that will dissolve/collapse/fall in order to clear your own Akashic Records still held. Everyone in your reality shall also be subject to these affects, and vice-versa, which is why it’s so very important for YOU to be the ONE that chooses to come from your absolute PUREST PLACE INSIDE with everything that you do….

These advanced light encodements expedite dissolution and INSTANT INTEGRATION and MERGING of higher timelines in the physical here. Old timelines must dissolve for new ones to arrive, which means simultaneously you are clearing/cleansing this from your cellular body and physical reality too, so that you can vibrate into the new timeline that is available and the longer it it takes you to integrate/merge/unify within the longer you are held in the unconscious, dissolving, dismantling, collapsing dimensional timeline still….

Each existence has a PURE existence…. Angelic/LeMUrian/Atlantean/Galactic/HUman, a huge list of dissolving/merging the separated human (Ego) masculine with the Divine (Christed) Feminine in order to access higher mind consciousness (Godhead) to Intentionally & Consciously CREATE …. and we clear the distortions of each to merge/unify each back into the PURITY OF LOVE and the brilliance of the absolute highest consciousness light here.

NEW EARTH is you LIVING A PURE EXISTENCE, no longer tainted by your own distortions that you once held within. Your relationships pure, your experiences pure, your actions pure, create REALities that are PURE, and you are the one that dictates this… Where you function from NATURALLY will show you everything that you need to know… now, the question is, what do you DO? The timeline activated will be up to your ANSWER and what you decide to transmit out/create/do…. in every nano-second.

The CONSTRUCTS of Realities become visible and it’s very easy to hold these new realities in place, if you are BEING your highest aspect all of the time. Where you lack inner-anything, then this will become visible for you to work through/see/observe/resolve and align yourself. Timelines are constantly re-adjusting/re-calibrating/re-aligning/re-creating themselves as you do….

We are still anchoring and integrating these new advanced encodements. InJOY the magic and amazingness of these higher timelines as they begin to materialize all around you! ♦

I love you. ♥ Lisa Transcendence Brown.

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