June Monthly Forecast

astroscope2017 is a 1 YEAR (2+0+1+7=1+0=1), and your personal number for 2017 is obtained by adding 1 to your month and day of birth.

For example, if you were born on September 29, add 9+2+9 +1 =21.  Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2+1=3. In this example, the yearly number for 2017 is 3.

Use your yearly number for 2017 to read your monthly and weekly forecasts.

NOTE: June 2017 is a 7 Month in a 1 Year. (6+1=7). No matter which year you happen to be in personally, the world is in a 1 Year in 2017. (2+0+1+7=10=1). Much insight can be gained by reading the 1 Forecast as well as your own. The 6 and 7 Forecasts are also very powerful this month.



To learn is to change. Our destiny is to learn and keep learning as long as we live. ~George Leonard

Slow down. There are very few guiding lights in your life right now, other than your gut feelings. Life is urging you to let go of a variety of old beliefs and attitudes so that your new beginnings can actually begin. Until you do this, and accept your present reality for what it is, the tiresome game of ‘wait-and-see’ will continue.

It is perfectly natural for you to feel unsure of what lies ahead. Don’t rush, jump to conclusions, or criticize. Be quiet. Be alone. Be honest. You are on the brink of a major turning point and you will be able to maneuver this change of direction more easily if you will just allow yourself to feel your inevitable fear of change which is being suppressed by guilt.

Guilt doesn’t want you to know that you’re feeling fear. Guilt doesn’t even want you to know you’re feeling guilt. When guilt is denied like this, it reverses itself into blame which is then unwittingly projected onto someone else.

Undo any judgments you have made against yourself and others. This will bring you into the present, which is the only position that allows you to see how things have changed over time, and how to move forward from here.

Yes, this is a test of your faith in yourself, so do not give up on your hopes and dreams. But do be prepared to adjust them to suit changing realities. Be determined to learn what must be learned in order to take care of your needs and desires. Don’t worry about being alone. You need solitude and rest this month – and you need to listen to your own thoughts instead of other people’s ‘opinions’. It is time to stop being your own worst enemy and become your best friend instead. Do not try to put on a show or manipulate. This month provides an element of transparency in which others can see what you are refusing to see – or show.

You are capable of leading your own independent life, and no matter who is involved, you are the only one you can depend on for success and fulfillment. Once you accept this fact you will be able to share your life with others in a state of ease.

If you feel pessimistic, intolerant, or unable to think straight, try to recognize those deeply buried emotions that you are refusing to admit and release. Admitting an emotion means letting it IN to your consciousness. Healing an emotion means accepting it, fully, and releasing it OUT of your body – expressing it – from the inside out.

Others are not holding you back. It is your dependence on their acceptance, approval, or assistance that is causing the problem. When you get to the root of what you are truly feeling, there will be many moments of raised awareness and inspiration, and many questions will be answered as your natural energy levels are restored. Accept the past just as it was, the recent past included. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the answers. Just have faith in the future – and in your ability to achieve what you were beginning to think was impossible.

You will be presenting yourself and your ideas to the world next month, so use June to make sure that you – and your ideas – are presentable. Life is slowing you down now so that you can gather information and study and analyze the facts, before you make your case to others.

Be sure your plans don’t depend too heavily on other people or outside factors. Take full responsibility for yourself. Use your natural talents and assets. Don’t fool yourself about this. Whatever you are good at, whatever you enjoy, whatever you have an avid interest in, whatever you love – therein lies your talent – your calling. Listen! It is calling to you now.


It is far better to let those concerned know what is on your mind than waste precious time playing hide and seek with other people’s feelings, while they do the same with yours. ~Sally Brompton

Enough is enough! A certain situation has become self-defeating and can no longer be allowed to drift aimlessly along. Let others be who and what they are. It is time for you to regain your dignity and start realizing your own worth again. Then you will be more able to appreciate the worth of others whose good qualities, in most cases, really do outweigh their flaws.

Pay attention to detail. June emphasizes your personal power and enhances your ability to make things happen and get things done. Despite interruptions and distractions, a jolt of inspiration could turn out to be a real boost to your confidence. Don’t exhaust yourself by taking on too much or aiming too high at a time when only smaller goals are attainable. Yet, as small as they seem, they are nonetheless vital stepping stones to your long-term aspirations – and they need to be treated as goals in themselves.

Focus on your reputation, finances, contacts, and other resources. By providing a service to others, you can open lucrative doors for yourself. You may have to share someone else’s problems this month, but you’ll also have a chance to share in another person’s gain. Listen. Someone else’s experience may help you better understand your own situation.

Restore your optimism by releasing the suppressed feelings you have been carrying inside for so long. Instead of being beaten by past and current circumstances, accept yourself as you are now, and sense the brightness of your future. Notice and appreciate those areas in which your life has become more comfortable, pleasant, and real.

One thing is certain: unless you learn to prosper independently and take care of your own needs, there will always be someone else to whom you must answer. No one owes you a living – or anything – and this is a time to appreciate the support you do have by showing others that it is worth their while to support you. You, in turn, may find yourself supporting someone else who really does need and deserve help.

Patience and diplomacy are the keys to your success this year, and you will lose valuable allies if you take an aggressive approach. Stay alert. Protect your assets. The path you are on right now is brimming with opportunity and hidden connections, but you will still have to use persuasion, not force, to make the most of them.

Resisting the power that other people exert over you is not a matter of severing ties, running away, or using aggression, but of changing the way you react to others. What may seem like a conflict of interests is actually a reminder that others have something valid or valuable to offer. Or perhaps life is reminding you that unless you take care of yourself first, you will be unable to take care of anyone else.

Tread carefully. Consider other people’s feelings, rights, and circumstances. You may not have a leading role right now, but you do have a lot to contribute. Compliment and encourage others. Think things out before you act. Do one thing at a time. June provides a new sense of timing, ambition, and direction.


There seems to be a door on the way to remarkable success that can be passed through only by those willing to persevere beyond the point where the majority stop and turn back. ~Earl Nightingale

June concludes another phase of your life which will be defined by whatever comes to an end. An emotional situation must be put in its proper perspective as you make a change that you may have been avoiding. This is a cycle of tremendous growth if you can let go of things, attitudes, issues, habits, or even people that you have outgrown.

You may not actually take your next step until next month or later in the year, but an ending you make now, in your heart, can set you in a new and more rewarding direction. Face the facts and clear some space in your life for new opportunities to come in.

A change must occur in the way you see and express yourself. Accept the past as it was so that it does not have a chance to contaminate the positive new reality that is forming in the present. Notice how you allow others to influence your decisions. Be aware of your fear of what others think of you.

A current problem may be based on your feelings towards a particular person – a parent, the beliefs of a parent, even a parent who is deceased; a spouse, lover, friend, relative, associate, boss, or some other figure who influences your thoughts and feelings more profoundly than is good for you. The truth is that no one is holding you back. It is your response to someone or something else that is preventing you from moving forward. When you are too concerned about other people’s opinions of you, guilt is involved, and it seems that in this cycle of ‘letting go’, guilt may be what you most need to let go of!

Just because someone else cannot take your needs seriously does not mean that they are not serious needs. If you have difficulty defining your present needs, they are those very basic and simple things which make you happy and for which you are now longing.

June brings an emotional situation to the forefront and may test your ability to remain optimistic. The purpose here is a cleansing and healing one with your future happiness and wellbeing in mind.

This is a transforming month, full of fabulous highs and sobering lows in which issues of the past return so that you can end misunderstandings. June is a cycle of giving, endings, and deep emotions. If you feel that you are sacrificing in order to give, then you are not giving because you want to, but because guilt is telling you that you should. Accept that guilt is dictating to you here and that giving, purely for the joy it brings, is one of the most satisfying feelings there is. No matter what you intend to give, it cannot happen until you let go of something.

Assess for yourself those things that have no constructive or loving purpose in your life; that have clearly prevented happiness – and let them go. Perhaps it is a feeling which needs to be released. Pride perhaps? Fear? Anger? The need to control? Let it OUT, and you will feel the exciting vibration of your new potential.

Forgive yourself – and others – and your optimism and belief in yourself will return. Whether you realize it or not, others are taking you seriously and are a little in awe of who you are, what you have accomplished, and what you can accomplish.

Sometimes, endings can feel like the weight of the world being lifted from your shoulders, so that balance, inner-peace and a greater sense of self-worth can be experienced. These are the feelings that arise when emotional matters of the past have been accepted and healed. They enable us to deal more realistically with the stresses and strains of our times – and they shine a light on our next step forward.


You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ~Buckminster Fuller

You have arrived at the 4 year’s exciting “fields of possibility” and it’s time to stand tall and start taking a chance or two. It is also time to plant a seed, which if rooted in the right place and at the right time, will start to flourish in August. This is going to take focus, honesty, confidence, and hard work! Stay totally aware of your reality and you will land safely on your feet, and in friendly territory.

However, a detrimental influence, which could be one of your own attitudes or habits, must be eliminated. This no-nonsense month urges you to take yourself and your abilities seriously. Self-acceptance and an independent approach are necessary. Delays and obstacles are indications of how dependent you are on outside factors, especially your need for the approval of others. Obviously, you must approve of yourself first, but in order to do that, you must genuinely believe in what you are doing. You yourself must understand the true nature of what you are trying to build, otherwise you cannot be sure that you are creating something you really want.

Be aware of the ripples that emanate from any movement you make. Don’t just brush those flaws or problems under the rug. You need to clean up your act rather than hide the dirt!

You now have the power to change a frustrating situation by changing your view of it and your position within it. Embrace this month’s dynamic energies and realize just how much you love yourself – and your life; how much you are loved by others, and how much you love and appreciate them.

This cycle heightens your perception of who you actually are – your sense of identity – and the importance you place on your reputation. One of the reasons you are comparing yourself to others this month and are seeing yourself in a new light, is because life is urging you to recognize and cherish those characteristics that make you unique.

This cycle can take you from the person you are to the person you want to be. Therefore, you will have to let the “old you” go, so that the “new you” can emerge more comfortably. You can only do this by having complete acceptance for who you were, and by realizing that regrets are unnecessary.

As new understandings occur within, many aspects of your outer reality will also start to change. Others are aware of the growth you are experiencing, but if you do experience someone else’s negativity, take a stand and speak up for yourself. In most cases, however, by focusing on what you have to do, the complaints or attitudes of others will have little influence.

Recognize where you are repeating the same old unproductive patterns. There is likely to be at least one instance of hypocrisy this month. Be aware of this inconsistency. Stop judging others simply because they are different. It is your own “differentness” that you must now accept with love.

Break from the old and limiting and welcome the new and exciting. Believe in yourself and start something NEW. Do something you have never done before. Be flexible. Learn to adapt and bend your uniqueness to your circumstances. Be yourself, but do not alienate yourself from the very people you need by ill-timed or inappropriate actions, or by insisting that you are right and they are wrong. Be willing to learn new things.

You may wish you had more encouragement or help with the workload, the details, your plans, your dreams, or even your basic needs. But you are left to fend for yourself. Although you certainly need others for love and support, it is important not to depend on them for the results you seek. If someone lets you down this month, or if you do not get the support you expected, it is all part of June’s theme of independence, self reliance and change.


No one wins a conflict unless both feel understood and enlightened about the theme or nature of the other. ~Arnold Mindell

Sense your way through this cycle by cooperating peacefully with current conditions, and with those people to whom you are connected. Many aspects of your past are catching up with you now, offering you a wonderful chance to soothe and heal old anger, sadness, and fear that you’ve been carrying around with you for far too long. This is also an opportunity to let go of any guilt or feelings of unworthiness that arose out of past events and circumstances.

Allow old memories to emerge. Outwardly express the feelings they trigger. There is no need to be ashamed of or traumatized by the past, or afraid that the future will be a repeat of it. However, if your focus is overly self-serving, you may create a humbling situation. This is 5’s way of showing you that you cannot go any further in the direction you’ve been traveling. It all changes now – if you let it.

This may be a year of change and freedom, but first, your unexpressed feelings need your attention. To heal them, all you have to do is feel them! Once you do, you will realize just how free and open you are becoming. Be sure to remind yourself, frequently, that Free Will IS ever-expanding openness. So many details are coming into the open this month!

June provides you with a heightened awareness of reality. It emphasizes your options, helps you to make intuitively-based decisions, and understand the roles that everyone is playing. The circumstances of June can renew your faith in yourself and help you to deal with an issue which, only a short time ago, you would have been afraid to face, or perhaps gave up on. As loose ends continue to be tied up, you will feel your personal power returning.

Meanwhile, blend in, take a moderate approach and do not try to manipulate or force things. Even if you become the center of attention, keep in mind that June is a time of WAITING.

Your understanding of personal or professional relationship is being put to the test. Recognize where you have allowed the beliefs or behavior of others to hold you back or push you in directions you didn’t want to go. You cannot change others. They are who they are and their experience of life is different from yours. But you can change yourself – by BEING yourself.

Patience, sensitivity, reliability and modesty are needed while you figure out what changes you will need to make in the near future, including changes to the way you communicate. Appreciate the input of others. Cooperate. Appreciate. It won’t be long before you need some willing cooperation yourself.

Remember: much is going on behind the scenes which will soon improve your situation. Be patient. Listen attentively. Pay attention to detail. Respect your own and other people’s feelings. This rather humbling month of distraction and intrusion is improving your overall timing and is providing vital clues to the direction you will soon be taking. Remember that nothing can be intimidated, coerced, or attacked within June’s magnetic field without it reacting to you in the same way.

June’s change of focus allows an exchange of information to take place which can help free you from the past, and at the same time, show you glimpses of a much brighter future.

Accept that mistakes have been made regarding your understanding of ego, patience, relationship, teamwork, cooperation, and how you deal with the everyday realities of life, which may include a very important responsibility. Be sure not to repeat these mistakes now. When this experience is gained, you will feel the stress of recent and past events leave your life. Your consciousness will expand, and you will sense the true connection between you and someone else whose reality you are only just beginning to comprehend.


The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice – it’s conformity. ~Earl Nightingale

June’s complex energies enable you to communicate effectively in response to what could be an extreme situation. But this cycle is so light and “scattered” that you may have a problem noticing that such a situation exists until you find yourself in the middle of it.

You must develop a deeper appreciation for your own personal needs if you are to stop feeling like a victim of circumstances. While some circumstances are indeed beyond your control, June brings opportunities to recognize and appreciate the happiness that already exists in your life and use this energy to turn a close relationship into a loving friendship. First, you may have to release some heavy feelings of resentment or hopelessness under which your natural optimism is buried.

Whether it feels this way or not, you are now in a cycle of creativity, joy, love, laughter, social interaction, communication and natural beauty. These are the gifts which can sharpen your view of reality and make this a successful month. There is no need to force a smile or keep up a phony appearance of happiness. Just allow yourself to feel whatever happiness is within you, and it will be genuine.

If guilt tells you it is wrong to feel happiness when others cannot, remember that guilt’s nature is to deceive and deflect. Remember, too, that others cannot recover from their problems while guilt is telling them that they are responsible for your unhappy mood. This way guilt wins by bringing everyone down. Let others draw from your optimism and cheerfulness – as and when they need to and, indeed, if they choose to.

Some of June’s vibrations focus on physical attraction. Others emphasize emotional magnetism. This combination has distinct problem-solving and healing properties. One way or another, physical and emotional healing is what this month is about.

The past has gone, and yet it is still affecting your life and may now be draining your energies in a hard-to-define way. Regrets are unnecessary. In fact, you would do well to think of the past as wisdom – a pool of experience from which you can draw answers to a current problem. It is time to create a new experience by learning from the old and, then, letting yourself move into present time.

Be friendly and encouraging, but do not be deceived by mere surface appearances. Be affectionate, helpful, and try to focus on what really matters. Communicate honestly with friends and family. Don’t assume that everyone will or should agree with you, or each other, and don’t jeopardize your safety or wellbeing by involving yourself in issues that have nothing to do with you. Remember your priorities, and do not give support to anything you don’t believe in.

In this reflective cycle, when you see yourself in people you do not like, you are actually seeing the extent to which you dislike yourself. In this highly creative and innovative cycle, you may now have to contend with a destructive element – someone who is far from creative, far from cordial, and far from happy. If so, communicate in a way that does not overwhelm, scare, offend, shock, or bore. Don’t try to control or dominate. Happiness can only come from within and can only have a positive effect on others when it is genuine.

You will be amazed at the solutions that come to you by relating your circumstances to nature’s eternal cycles of ebb and flow, day and night, beauty and beast, life and death. Human life is only a small part of the big picture. A broader understanding of this will show you that your current circumstances have a deeply healing and loving purpose.


Everyone sees one or two things in his life that make him doubt his normality, doubt his sanity, doubt his very existence. For a moment the orderly universe is disarranged and the fabric of belief is ripped. But the moment passes….. ~Robert Sheckley

If you sense that you are boxed in and that one problem only seems to compound the next, do not deny how this is making you feel. Instead of hiding your present reality, allow someone else into your private world. They may not hold the solution, but sharing your dilemma can give you new perspective.

Feelings of restriction, loneliness and vulnerability may arise, along with delays, detours, cancellations, and tedious details. Approach matters with the determination to do what needs to be done. Stop beating yourself up over a past event or ‘mistake’. It was a road you had to travel to get where you want to be.

June may bring you to what you believe are your emotional, mental or physical limits. The answer is to accept your situation exactly as it is. Only then can you expand your belief in yourself. Your present limits are being caused by an inner fight you are having with reality – including the reality of what you are feeling. Your willing acceptance of what ’is’ will push those limits away from you. Although they will still be there, (we all have limits), they will no longer place such extreme pressure on you. Then you will see where your next step lays.

By organizing, sorting, analyzing and prioritizing, you will be clearing a path which will make a particular goal much easier to reach. Hard work now will pay off later. However, be aware that the hard work and clutter involved may be more mental and emotional than physical or material. Life is trying to help you build a solid base for your future. However, even the best laid plans may need to be changed to suit changing realities.

This month’s events are also pointing out that your plans must be put into action systematically, one step at a time. Face the facts you have been avoiding. Sort it all out, detail by detail. Be aware of how your own stubbornness may have contributed to the problem. When you have squarely faced the facts about yourself and certain others in your life, you will experience a strong and comforting sense of accomplishment.

The restrictive nature of June in the 7 year, can create a tendency to overanalyze, which means that you already have the answer but are refusing to accept it. Concentrate on a realistic outcome. Visualize and feel the results you want. Be aware of how your thoughts, beliefs, or actions may be compounding the problem. Are you denying your true feelings? Are you using or losing your Free Will?

7 can make you think the worst of a situation – the purpose of which is to help you build faith in yourself, and in life. Without faith, we cannot see beyond our so-called problems and, from this point of view, there is no hope. On top of this, June places obstacles on your path, the purpose of which is to bring you to what you believe are your limits, and to help you realize that you are not as limited as you thought. June offers breakthrough – not breakdown – and the precious insight of what it will take to build the reality you want.

So, between thinking the worst, being confronted with obstacles, stretching yourself beyond your limits, exerting effort to build a new reality, and being unsure of what you want to build in the first place, you can see why June in the 7 year seems tough ….. until you understand its healing purpose…. then you can regain your confidence, understand your options, decide to take things easier; and stop struggling against a situation over which you have no control. You have learned a lot from the past, but now you must have faith in the future!


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~Carl Sandburg

This busy cycle responds directly to your innermost feelings. What you are thinking is not the issue. What you are feeling will influence this month’s events, and it is important to know the difference between emotion and thought – and to experience your feelings without words of any kind. Feelings are felt – and positive thinking without honest feeling is mere self-deception.

Diversify! If you confine your activities to one area you may start to feel restricted and lose the potential for advancement that June offers. Where routine has become a bore, do only what has to be done and, if possible, do it differently.

This cycle urges constant movement and changing environments, otherwise anxiety about ‘lack of movement’ can throw you off course. This is a time for excitement, resourcefulness and a rush of adrenalin – and perhaps a vacation or break from the familiar. Travel, or some kind of connection to another culture or reality, is indicated. It is certainly time for a change.

If a situation arises in which you feel awkward or out of your depth, stay very aware. This fast paced and unpredictable cycle emphasizes freedom, the sudden, the unexpected and the use and abuse of power. It can bring you face to face with people, places, and things that are different, strange, exotic, unusual or challenging. Because things happen quickly or erratically in this cycle, you could become reckless or accident-prone if you are not focused. You could get lost in someone else’s reality, or caught up in situations you would normally avoid.

So, pay attention and, as you look at all the chaos and deception in the world, you may need to reaffirm that YOU are responsible for your own wellbeing. It will be difficult to take care of anyone else, or move ahead securely, until you truly feel that way.

Many of June’s vibrations are concerned with the physical, material, financial and sexual aspects of life and you may need to develop a deeper appreciation for your own physical body. You will then see yourself in a new light – as the beauty of your own personal power – your own Free Will – starts to shine through the surface of your outer skin.

Just remember that not everyone is able to share your point of view and, perhaps, never will. You would be wise to focus on those who are already friendly to your beliefs and needs and are on the same ‘wave-length.

Don’t overindulge in “pleasures” which may seem enjoyable but are actually forms of dependency – including excesses of food, alcohol, street and prescription drugs, gambling, extravagance, TV, computer, and other areas that have become strong habits. Excesses of any kind can create unexpected problems this month. You need a clear head. Consider the degree to which any form of addiction depletes one’s personal power.

A chance encounter or simple conversation can provide the encouragement you need. Perhaps the only thing that needs to change is the self-doubt which arose last month. Again, 8 urges you to appreciate what you already have and use it to get what you want. Something in your life must change now. You may want to hold on to – or run back to – an old situation just because you are accustomed to it. But, now, life is urging you to develop more courage, accept your changing reality, let go of what is not working, and move confidently into new territory.

One of the main gifts of June is to profit from previous mistakes. Recognize and admit to a mistake, understand its consequences, and stop repeating it. Then it will no longer be a mistake. It will be experience. Are you about to make that same old mistake again? Take a different approach this time.


The one thing we can never get enough of is love, and the one thing we never give enough of is love. ~Henry Miller

A selfless and realistic attitude is needed as you face certain facts about LOVE. June emphasizes the home, responsibility, spouse, lover, children, parents, parenting, pets, relatives, health, friends and other matters of the heart.

Your deepest feelings are rising. Strong emotional movement is inevitable. Once you honestly express the feelings you have been holding in, you will realize just how much love is buried beneath them and how holding them in can make you feel sick. You may believe that the condition of your physical body affects the way you feel but, in reality, it is the way you feel that affects your physical health – and something is certainly going on with your body this month. Take care of it! If you hold your unexpressed feelings in any longer, their magnetism will attract whatever situation will trigger you into expressing them.

Be careful not to go to extremes in trying to defend your position or principles. June offers a chance for a new and loving beginning in an important relationship. Love must be free. Love that is “held on to” or controlled is not free. Love can only be felt, given, and received in a continuous free-flowing exchange.

Guilt doesn’t want you to admit that you may actually hate someone you claim to love, because guilt does not want you to feel your true feelings. Guilt wants to keep fear, anger, and hatred firmly in place by making you deny that you are feeling these things. However, working through your true feelings is going to make June a very warm and loving month, despite the apparent contradictions involved.

Mental concept – and brief experience – is as far as humanity has been able to develop unconditional love so far. No one on Earth is presently capable of loving everyone and everything. To start with, not everyone or everything can or wants to receive the love you have to give, and it is impossible to love those who horrify and disgust you without denying your feelings of horror and disgust.

Try to accept that everyone is evolving at their own speed, which may be very different to yours. Wanting others to be as you want them to be rather than who they are, is in fact placing conditions.

With so much emphasis on home and family, you may be wondering where “home” really is for you. Childhood memories may emerge: an old neighborhood, siblings, parents, children, old friends. or other matters that are close to your heart.

We are all searching for our ‘right place’ in life. For some, this may involve a geographical move. For others, it means pursuing something they feel passionate about. Consequently, even those who love each other deeply may not share the same ideals or desires. An acceptance of each other’s individuality will reduce the confusion and conflict within an important relationship. (Read each other’s yearly, monthly, weekly and daily numerology. Read their destiny path numbers, too.) This will help you better understand that your right place in life must be felt on the inside first, and this applies to everyone.

You will also realize that until total acceptance for yourself and what you are trying to achieve takes place within YOU, it is impossible for anyone else to fully accept you either. Genuine love and closeness can only remain within a group if each individual is free to be who they are, learn what they need to learn, and go where they need to be, otherwise, familiarity really does breed contempt. Be patient though. Old habits die hard!

In a month when responsibility is also a key issue, you may realize that by trying to control another or allowing someone else to control you; by assuming that you are responsible for everything or not responsible for anything; by focusing too much on one area of your life and neglecting other aspects, neither peace nor love can exist within your relationships. A balance must be found which makes room for everything you love.

This is the ideal time to DO whatever you have been putting off at home or work, and to clear any kind of backlog that is cluttering your life. There can be much relief here.

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