Mike Quinsey 10/6/2017

mikequinseyNothing can stop the progress to the ultimate goal of Ascension. The Illuminati have been severely weakened by losing vast amounts of wealth that are necessary to keep their plans afloat. They also find that they no longer

Saul: God Is. And, Like God, So Are You

saulHere in the spiritual or non-physical realms we are all delighted with the progress that you are making towards the awakening, which is now very close.  You have worked very well and very hard to bring it about, and you will not be

Montague Keen: The Structures Must Change


To play those millions of minds,
To watch them slowly respond
To an unseen stimulus, to guide

Buddha: Living in Transition

buddhaAt this time in your magnificent transitional journey, you may be feeling less connected to your Earth and to all that is going on with humanity because you sense that something very unprecedented is going on within you, and around your

11 Telling Signs That Your Soul Has Been Reincarnated Many Times Before

higherselfIt is a universally acknowledged fact that we are a part of the constant circle of life, dying and coming back. This circle affects what kind of people we are, how we act and react to things and the way we look at things.

Mother Mary: We Have Not Far to Go on Our Road to Joy

m mary“Greetings, my Most Beloved Children! I still see you as my children because there is no one more special in a mother’s Heart than her child. And so I open my arms to all of you, to hug you, to be in Joy with you and, most of all, just to love you

The First Hour: Creating Powerful Mornings

meditation one eraoflightAs your day starts, it’s easy to get lost in the habit of checking messages, replying to email, checking the news and your favorite blogs.

It’s easy to fritter your day away doing a thousand small

Anna Von Reitz: Our Situation Report

eol newsTruly understanding where we are requires a knowledge of where we have been in the past— and that is not easy to come by, both because