Greetings! I have received emails from readers with positive feedback, and quite a few ask and wish to know about the staff and who runs eraoflight.com

Elders of Earth: All is Well

elohim beingsWe are the elders of Earth and we wish to speak with the evolving and ascending ones, the awake ones; the ones who have been tracking our progress and are quite curious about the status of things, namely ascension and the revaluation

Archangel Gabrielle: Feel Happy And Light In Every Moment

aa gabrielThe wish of the Father/Mother/One is that on planet Earth there will be only light, love, and freedom.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Gabrielle, Suzanna Michaela

The Arcturians: Frequencies of Reality

arcturian gratitude eraoflightDear Arcturians,

Please help me to understand the higher reason why there appears to be so much hardship

CIA Document Suggests that the Astral World in its Entirety Exists

astral plane conscious eraoflightdotcomMany people dismiss the astral world as little more than a mind-altering experience but a recently released CIA document suggests that the astral world

D = Dimension = Density = Physical Matter That Vibrates At A Level Of Consciousness

dna activationYou are physical matter (earthly matter & stardust) and vibrational energy that makes up form. Your own consciousness (or unconsciousness) affects the VIBRATION OF PHYSICAL MATTER and which dimension

You Have Become Undone, You Have Seen Yourself

The PleiadesWelcome daughters of the land, daughters of what is yet to come.  We see your exquisite light as it shines brilliantly upon the earth like a star.  We are

HeavenLetters: Gold Mines Exist

heavenlettersGod said:

I, God, hear what you might call your thoughts. You seem to think them. I hear you forage

Inner And Outer Rewards

begratefulDear Ones,

No one will outshine another in this transition.

While it is