You Have Become Undone, You Have Seen Yourself

The PleiadesWelcome daughters of the land, daughters of what is yet to come.  We see your exquisite light as it shines brilliantly upon the earth like a star.  We are the Pleiadian frequencies.  We are your future, we are your past and we are everything in between.  You are sculpted from our vibration as we are integrated with yours.  We are brothers and sisters of light.  Who you once were and who you will become are dancing partners that are destined to meet.  Each of you unfolds as the origami of your soul expresses new characteristics.

You have become undone and in that discharge you have seen yourself exposed naked and without boundaries.  You have seen the possibilities that exist for you as you mourn the loss of the old you. You mourn who you once were, who you were supposed to become.

You ask, ‘what about my light work, what about my soul mate, what about my mission?’ Your mission is not something that you become; it is something that you are. Stop separating yourself from this beautiful world for she needs your frequencies; she needs to know that you yearn for light as does she.  She needs to know that you too do not find the fullness of time in a day to take a breath and pause and give thanks.  Within you is a portal of creation. Each one you is a mirror reflection of the potential of the other.  And as you embrace each others unique configuration of light. it is in this fullness of time that you shall navigate the light of your future.


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