HeavenLetters: Gold Mines Exist

heavenlettersGod said:

I, God, hear what you might call your thoughts. You seem to think them. I hear you forage for Me. I hear you say:

“Beloved God, I personally have been absent from You. I go my own way under the umbrella of time, God. Am I too busy for You? Hah!

“I have also felt that sometimes You would like me to be more Self-Reliant, less personal, sort of less reliant on You, more independent of You, something like that. Are You wanting me to come of age? Well, God, are You?”

Well, dear One, dear Godling, you are everything to Me. Yes, I want to nestle closely with you, and I want you to be your own Sun in the world. I’m not across from you at the table. We are reciprocal. We sail the Seas together. We are never apart. We do converse. There is no in between Us. It isn’t exactly that you dance solo from Me in the first place.

You feel Me now, don’t you? You feel Me surging through your blood stream, don’t you? I am, in one sense, the only vitamin there is for you to take. Take several doses of Me a day.

Now I see you smile at Me and I hear you say:

“Yes, God, I feel You. I feel Your embrace, and You take me above the world far into what seems like oblivion, a Land of Love where Love is not really noticed, yet there is nothing else but Love and no need for it to be separated and noticed.

“I also feel You, God, as down to Earth. I feel Your hand massaging my heart. Your hand goes in gently. You smooth my Heart. Steadily You squeeze and release. How I love to feel Your Presence, God, your Ever-Present Presence.

“Sometimes it feels to me that We, you and I, God, are Native Americans sitting before a fire with Our One Heart beating like drums. We are simple musicians who exchange the Peace Pipe. We are such simpleness and purity that there is only You, so that it seems as if I sit down by my Self in revelry, as if I don’t even breathe, that there are no breaths to take or any movement to make or anything at all but You, God. You, God, fill the Universe and my Heart, and my Heart beats in You, God, in Richness and Oneness.

“God, is this True? Are You True, am I True, True in Oneness? Is this what Oneness is even as I cannot put my finger on it? It must be that Oneness is nothing to delve into, that I do not exist really, that there is just Existence and nothing more to be said.

“I do not exist as a person and never did. I do not exist as a part of a civilized sophisticated culture nor do You, God. You don’t drive a car or pilot an airplane or sit at a computer. You are Simplicity and Innocence Your Self, God. You are so simple resting in Infinity. You are a far cry from complexity.

“You sear my heart as an Elemental Oneness that never interrupts, nor are You interrupted. There are no segments of You. There is You. There is only simply You.

“You are not an Attribute. You are simply God. All You do is exist. I do not even exist in You yet I AM You even as no one would believe this, no one on Earth, that is, would believe this, even as there is nothing else worth believing in, which is the same as to say I too exist so simply that I do not exist at all but am rather Pure Existence, and, somehow, marvelously, so is everyone else.

“Am I in Your Embrace? Or am I simply Your Embrace? How can it be that I am simply You, and there is nothing but You that exists and who would want anything else, who would yearn for anything more when You are the Height of Existence? There is no vacancy, not on Your Life, or, anyway, if Life on Earth does actually exist.

“Does a gold mine exist before it is mined?”


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff