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Horus: All is Changing

horusSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence with my beloved Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you all.


Donald Trump to Use Executive Powers to Release Full JFK Files

595f99fffc7e93696a8b456aDonald Trump has just Tweeted that he will use his executive powers to release the previously secretive JFK files to the public for

Sananda: Relax But Do Not Take Your Foot Off Of The Pedal

sanandaI AM Sananda. Always wonderful to be with you.

As these energies continue to rise continue to accumulate across the planet and all of you feel these

Saul: Do Not Lose Heart or Surrender to Doubt

saulHumanity’s awakening process is an enormous undertaking that has been ongoing for eons, but the vast majority of humans have been, and remain, unaware that human life

HeavenLetters: Blessings Are on Their Way to You

heavenlettersGod said:

Dear Ones, when you see bad guys in front of you, you have brought them into existence. You imagine you see them when you

Arcturian Council: The Power of Your Voice

arcturian councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

In your delivery of a statement that you make to others

The Federation of Light: In Tune With Higher Self

gfoleraoflightHello. Happy to be back chatting with you and I have quite a few questions from folk about manifesting, if I may?

Welcome, Dearest Blossom and we are certainly of Joy

Fireballs and Mystery Booms Around the World Remain a Mystery

thebluerayJust what exactly is going on in the skies lately? Terrifying and unexplained explosion noises have been heard around the world in the past few months, sometimes within a few hours of one another and on opposite sides of the world