Horus: All is Changing

horusSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence with my beloved Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you all.

Greetings dear children,

I speak through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of you all.

The time hath come in the midst of many changes upon your Earth and throughout the Universe at this time.

Many Cosmic Shifts are taking place in this now as foretold for many Eons – those that have been foretold in the Books upon your Earth.

We are anchoring many divine energies upon your Earth in this now. The Chakras upon your Earth are activating. We have set our focus upon the Root Chakra – for there is much cleansing and purging taking place at this time.

It is a time to ground your energies and to remain focused setting your intention upon your hearts.

The Planets within this universe hath sung the dance of the Divine Feminine as the Goddess through which I speak hath been anchoring the Divine Energy to the Heart of the UK.

This Country upon your Earth along with many others struggle greatly at this time with density and it is the path of the Order of Melchizedek and the Priesthood of Egypt that hath come forth once more to your Earth to anchor the Diamond Light Frequency to the Grids upon your Earth.

Nibiru hath aligned once more bringing forth blessings of the Sun and the Great Central Sun. We have brought forth many signs upon your Earth as witness to the Great Event that is taking place within this Universe at this time.

Many signs are coming forth from the Cosmos shining the lights bright in your skies for all to see.

Many of you many feel a great surge of Energy, many signs are coming forth, for the Grail Cup hath activated bringing forth the Cup of Knowledge from the Universe.

It is time to connect with this knowledge for the knowledge that you seek is contained within and not within the books upon your Earth.

It is time now to connect with your consciousness. We are working at this time to activate further the DNA Structure of the Starseeds and Wayshowers that have come forth to your Earth to bring forth Love Light and Healing. The overshadowing of the Cosmic Energy draws is working with them at this time.

The energy coming through from the Cosmos is flowing through you all like a ripple effect touching your hearts and as it touches your hearts you ignite and enlight… and this will shine on to your neighbours and they will ignite and enlight… So it becomes a ripple effect.

I am interested in Souls coming to Service. Coming forth to serve humanity, to heal and to connect.

Radiate radiate like lights shining bright like the rays of my Sun. For I Heru, Supreme Commander of the Galactical Federation of Light and representative coming forth to speak to you this day on behalf of the Council of Four and Twenty Elders and the Light Councils are preparing now the next steps of your ascension process.

There is much work to accomplish upon your Earth and it is time now dear ones to anchor the Divine Diamond Light that hath come forth now through the Rays of Light.

Many of you now are actively connected at 5th Dimension and above – many are achieving higher… to achieve this level of awareness you will now be activating connection with the Spirit Guides assigned to you the Angelic Beings of Light and the Galactical Representatives assigned to you to assist you in your work and ascension path.

Many Souls now are entering into a state of awareness… We are over lighting many Souls at this time.

The Axis upon your Earth is changing and the rotation of your Earth has a planned change of rotation thus this is creating and co-creating many natural disasters at this time. There are in the midst of these great changes at Cosmic Level many man made disasters taking place upon your Earth that is of concern.

In the midst of these disasters we call upon you all to remain focused and united in sending forth the healing and support to your brothers and sisters that are affected at this time. For in the midst of disaster comes forth great strength.

We are working with the Governments upon your Earth to anchor the seeds of peace love and hope.

Waves upon waves of abundance is coming forth to your Earth and it is planned a release of abundance shall come forth to assist all working with healing and humanity.

We are working at this time to transmute and exchange the economy – major changes to the banking and fiscal systems are taking place right now setting a focus on humanity.

There are changes to the Exchange Rates systems taking place this now to facilitate a more unified transaction of funds and a transmutation of currency that hath remain stagnant that will bring forth hope to the hearts of many.
There are plans for many governments to change power over the coming year upon your

Earth – greater purging is taking place.

Your Earth is now moving into a paradigm of love and understanding bridging the connections with the Dimensions together bringing forth better union and connection with the Dimensions of Spirit and the Galaxies.

During this time of great change duality will try to take hold dear ones. It is time to come forth and unite in oneness and truth – for there is no room for separation in your hearts. There is no such thing as being alone when you are on the paths of unity consciousness.

Therefore beloved children I leave you now with this message…
Stay in the Power of your Spirit
Live love and work in peace joy and harmony

Focus your intention on humanity
On the joys of bringing my children home.
My message to all of you dear ones

I am Heru, I am a Creator God and have been with you in many eons of time working with and through my beloved to share the love and peace and light to my people.
I have come to guide you home

Work in and from your hearts
Be mindful of the many messages at this time
Much confusion amongst you all is a bliss
Stay true to your hearts

Focus on the grand work that indeed lies ahead
Many will speak in my name and say that I AM He
Let them come to me
Let them come to know me
For I am not of your earth
I have come to guide your earth

I am of the Sun
I am of the Moon
I am of the Stars
I exist in all realms of reality.

And today I speak to you of love
Of peace, of compassion, of unity, of harmony
For indeed all are ONE
And today I speak through the heart of my beloved

Allow your hearts to progress
Allow your Spirits to progress
There is no other way
I come to you dear ones
To speak the truth of Love.

Bless you all

I AM HERU and I speak through Elaine this day.

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