Mike Quinsey 10/27/2017

mikequinseyMatters are coming to a head where the re-valuation of the currencies is concerned, and the degree of urgency is such that extra efforts are being made to progress. Everything seems to be ready and many are anxious to get

Horus: Creating What You Want

horusWhen you feel that you are in a sinkhole and that you are beginning to go under all that you desire to have in your life, know that you are not going under the situation but taking a different route to what you desire. It is

Wounded Masculine And Arising Feminine Energies Coming UP For Healing And Revealing

eraoflight twinflamesThere seem to be many themes running in the moment for us to see and BE with as we continue our ascension journey into embodiment of our sacred humanity…not NEW themes, yet more like another

The Cetaceans: Cetacean Origins In Your Soul DNA

cetaceans eraoflightdotcomWe are the cetaceans from Sirius B, and we come lovingly to connect and to lend our serving, calming energy to our beloved ones currently embodied in a human form

Quan Yin: Free and Happy Souls

quan yinI am Quan Yin and I send my greetings to all the people of the world. I am here today to thank all you souls for holding on to your decision to ascend with Mother Earth. There is joy and happiness in the heavens today because there

Council of Nine: On Expansion of Self-Awareness

ascended beingsMost of humanity believe what is “self” ends at their skin or, if they are a little more aware, at the edge of their auric field. They have no recollections or remembrances of having lived other lives