Council of Nine: On Expansion of Self-Awareness

ascended beingsMost of humanity believe what is “self” ends at their skin or, if they are a little more aware, at the edge of their auric field. They have no recollections or remembrances of having lived other lives whether here or within other cultures, in a body of another gender or on another planet in a far distant star system.

And yet, a growing portion of awakened humans are beginning to have these remembrances. And with the remembrances comes a new sense of bonding with that which is both within and without. For in truth, dear ones, there is nothing that exists outside the REAL you.

Truly nothing exists in this Universe that is not connected to the rest of creation. So, if it is presently hard to imagine that you, too, might have ties to the great galactic civilizations that exist beyond this solar system, think again. Allow your imagination to soar, to begin to feel the connection as if it is true and you will begin to understand, down into the core of your awareness of self, that it IS true.

All of you exist on more than one plane or dimension. The whole of You exists on some 352 planes or dimensions, from the line or linear to the Throne of Creation, and everything in between.

You are a grand, magnificent Being and yet, you are made up of many individuated facets, many who might not always be aware of you, as you currently exist embodied on GAIA.

Just your soul is made of 12 separate soul extensions. You are based, currently, on GAIA, on planet Earth, in the solar system of Sol, a medium-sized yellow star on an outer lying arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. So what are the other 11 soul extensions doing? Where are they, we wonder?

They are busy doing what you are doing, exploring the Universe and experiencing life in all its forms and permutations. Some may be based on GAIA, exploring other timelines and still others may be exploring and experiencing lifetimes spent on entirely different planets and star systems. Your soul’s directive is to be, to explore, to experience… and to bring what is learned back to Source.

Then there is your Monad, which is made up of 144 individual extensions and so it goes. You are MUCH bigger and grander than you can currently imagine, even if you have managed to wake up and raise your frequency level a couple of notches above that of your neighbor.

Still, you are also connected to that neighbor and he/she to you, through the vast web of Light that binds all life together throughout this Universe.

And did we mention that this Universe in which you now make your home is certainly not the only one?


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