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Montague Keen: As You Awaken

I gave you food for thought last week. Now, you are looking at those who masquerade as human. Think, my friends, of when you came upon the line, “They came upon the daughter of man who bore children to them

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The Council: Collective Intent

This will be a rather short message. However we hope that you will consider it a very important one. We will speak of unity, but from a somewhat different angle.

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Plant Protein is Best

It’s very easy to come across conflicting information, especially in regards to the science of health and even more so when it comes to examining meat-based diets in comparison to plant-based ones. Plant-based diets can help

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The Tribe of Blue-Eyed Native Americans

History holds many oddities that we may never fully understand, either through incomplete documentation, disinterest at the time, or simply a big question mark that hangs over all. Among these are mysterious tribes of people

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Nibiruan Council Mission Update

Mission: Restoration When carrying out a mission assignment, one doesn’t always know the full scope of it until after

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Celestial White Beings: Celebration of Your Inner Truth

Greeting magnificent beings of light, we love you deeply, we are one with you and are walking your pathway with you. We wish to celebrate

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Simon Petrus: Light of the Heart

I am Simon Petrus and I have the key with me today – the key to your own heart’s portal. This key has several different meanings, but the most important is to your own heart. When you are in your … Continue reading

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Arcturian Council: Your 5th Dimensional Abilities

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. You have a series of upgrades coming your way that are designed to give you greater access to

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The Bank Did Not Loan You Anything!

They have and won! In First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly they were suing him for possession of his property. He took them to court. He was

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