Zap/Poofness 10/15/2017

zap1POOF SAID: Greetings and Salutations,

The movements and the cloaking of activities continues…the movies that could be made of all of this

The Council: Create a World of Peace

ascended beingsYou are painfully aware, in some locations, that there is quite a bit of almost chaotic activity around you. There are also surprising occurrences in many of your personal lives. Some of what is happening to and around you is very

The Angels: Earth Expansion

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your planet earth continues to grow dear ones, much in the same ways you do. She stretches her awareness into greater love

Mirror Neurons And Empathy

reflections eraoflightdotcomA mirror neuron is a nerve cell that fires when the person observes an action being performed by another person. The neurons that fire in response to seeing actions taken by someone else’s body are called Mirror

Mother Mary: Preparations

m maryI am Mother Mary and I have a message for your today. There is much happening on our Earth even if it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Preparations for building up the new Earth have already started. In some countries developments