HeavenLetters: Blessings Are on Their Way to You

heavenlettersGod said:

Dear Ones, when you see bad guys in front of you, you have brought them into existence. You imagine you see them when you brought them in before you. When you see villains, you see them in your mind. They are of your imagination. You are disturbed by that which you call forth. You manifest your ideas. You take to your ideas. You believe in them. You believe wholeheartedly in what exists in the mist of your thoughts.

You would never do that, not consciously would you, not when you are clear would you. Unclear, you insist that bad guys exist, always have, always will.

Tell Me, Dears, whose creation can bad guys be but your own popping up in all corners of the world? They are someone’s thoughts. Unbeknownst to yourself, you appropriate bad guys. Certainly, these offenders to your rickety ego system appear before you like floaters in your eyes. You are your own victim, I kid you not.

Let go of the concept of danger, and now predict blessings lying in store for you.

When you feel a grudge creeping up inside your Heart and Mind, who handed it to you? You did. And when someone else before you appears to have a grudge ready against you, who notes and declares this? Who brings you the invention of the Theory of Grudges altogether? You put grudges on a shelf where you can behold them.

Sleepy Eyes, I do not pick on you. There are those of My Children who believe I am accountable to you for how you see the world. You are accountable for how you see the world. You are also responsible for the world. Raise yourself High, and you will scale Great Heights. This does not mean that I grant you your every wish, and all will be as you will.

Wipe away grudges from the Face of the Earth. Bestow Peace. If anything is to crowd your mind, let it be Peace. From whence comes Peace but from Love?

Send yourself a beautiful invitation to the world as if you were I, God. A universal invitation could go something like this:

“Dear Everyone, I invite you to the world. Yes, all possibilities abound. How do you desire your invitation to read? Let’s make One Invitation to the Entire Oneness of the Universe.

“Begin with the idea of Blue Skies coming your way. Clear Blue Waters, sparkling with the Sun’s Light, Life on Earth is filling up with Peace and Silence and all you desire. Love and Beauty abound to fill up non-existent space.

“In the midst of Life are you, a Visitor here, welcomed for the enjoyment of the Earth.

“Enjoyment and Ease and All Wonder are the Menu of the Day. There are no exceptions.

“You are Wondrous, and Life is Wondrous.

“You come here to Earth to lie down in Green Pastures.

“As One with you, I lounge on the Happiness of Still Waters. We breathe deeply. Love emanates. We are replete with Love. We star in Love. We know naught but Love. It is a fact, that there is naught but Love.

“There is no end to Stars, and that which you call you — you are nothing less than Starlight. You are Starlight as clear as a Bell.

“Avast! You sail the Skies, day and night. You drink of the Clear Waters. You know Everyone – the One – as your Self, for you are what the Kingdom of Heaven is made of and comfortable in the Oneness We are. We hold hands like cut-outs circling the Universe.

“Welcome, One, here. Welcome to My Heart. I am here. Oneness is here. Welcome to Life on Earth as Life truly swings around the world.”


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff