Greetings! I have received emails from readers with positive feedback, and quite a few ask and wish to know about the staff and who runs eraoflight.com – I uploaded a picture of myself in the About section. I KejRaj(KayRy) created eraoflight.com and I run it by myself. There is no staff besides me. All that you see on the page is done by one guy filled with joy every time he sits in front of the computer and gets ready to share the light with all of you. ~From heart to heart, KejRaj!

6 Replies to “Who?”

  1. Jack Freeman

    Hi Kejraj, I recall a few weeks ago you said you would not remark on the RV until you had some reliable info that the RV is coming soon. So in your recent post, you mentioned the RV again, does that mean you have received new and reliable info that the RV is on the way soon. And by soon i mean by years end? Thanks so much for all your excellent work, it is very much appreciated.

    1. EraOfLight

      Greetings to You Jack!

      If you recall I said after 10/10 I would not speak of the RV, the post was made on 10/09 – However, I AM EXPECTING THE RV TO HAPPEN WITHIN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER. It has to happen within this month, as November and December will be bringing great change following the RV. This will NOT carry on to 2018.

      Light and Love to You!

  2. Cheri

    Thank you yes, it is all so very appreciated!! I love your recent idea of a forum for all of us to share. We really need this and hope that you have had time and received ample financial support from us to bring this to fruition. It feels very important that we all start connecting as well as reading.

    With love you you from San Francisco, Ca!!

  3. aishifu

    Same here! I am eagerly waiting for your e-mails daily! Love your work! Greetings from Athens-Greece ♥

  4. Nanine

    Thank you dearly, KeyRaj! I wait for these emails every morning, they give me assurance, love, light and divine connection. Truly much greater than what we can comprehend. Love from South Africa!