The Way Forward

aquarious eraoflightWhile the world around you is changing at lightning speed, do you sometimes feel stuck and unable to change something in your life? Right now there’s some good news on this common dilemma, since we have some

Lord Melchizedek: The Symptoms of Ascension

lord melchizedekI greet you with love and in the light of the Creator. I have come forth to explain to you the symptoms of ascension, or the raising of your awareness to your own spiritual truth. As you become more awakened and aware, more light will enter into

Hilarion: Humanity’s Resurrection

hilarionBefore ascension, the resurrection of mankind will take place, and before you will complete this journey, you will resurrect in this world.

I am MASTER HILARION – resurrected living human

10 Keys to Open the Gates of the Fifth Dimension

light arrowThe fifth dimension is closer than we realise. By tuning up the frequency of our cellular vibration we can access these higher wavelengths. Lighter emotions raise our vibration

November 2017 in Chinese Astrology

astrology eraoflightWhen the metal-pig meets the fire-rooster

The dog was kind enough to prepare us for the next season. He retires now to hand over the

Cleansing With Master Saint German And The Sacred Geometry Of Metatrons Cube

vio flameDear Friends,
the last two month have collectively been experienced as very heated and intensively transforming, under the impact of the fiery Leo energy field. A field of

Arcturian Council: Your Shift to the 5th Dimension

arcturian council eraoflightdotcomGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have to take into consideration the fact that you are making such a tremendous

Yeshua: Love is the Antidote to Fear

sanandaThere is only One, but It is infinitely vast, and It is You at One with Source, your Creator, from Whom you are never and can never be separated.  So relax, all is well and always will be, as you will fully understand when you awaken

Judas Iscariot: Returning to the Light

judas iscariot eraoflightdotcom

I am Judas Iscariot and there are many now who write about different things that are happening on our Earth today. I will now bring up a different subject and it is about you. During eons