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Quan Yin: Tides of Change

Guan Yin best loved in the Buddhist Tradition comes with Compassion Mercy and Healing. Guan Yin, being the Mother of the East and as part of the Divine Mother Aspect she works in this Vibration to bring forth hope to … Continue reading

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Saint Germain: Believe That You Can Make The Difference

I AM St. Germain. And I bring to you the Violet Flame. But I represent the Violet Flame just as you are each one that Violet Flame. We are all bringing this

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The Council: Freedom or Control

We see that greater and greater numbers of you are awakening to the actual conditions in the societies that you live in. It is blatantly obvious to those who dare to examine their lives that a great discrepancy exists between … Continue reading

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The Tree Consciousness: Co-Creating Ascension with the Trees

We envelop you in our energy and welcome you into our consciousness; we are the collective energy of tree beings/spirits. We wish to welcome you into

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The Arcturians: Return to What You Truly Are

Regarding the destiny of humanity as a whole, the majority will be tested profoundly as to whether they are able and willing to grow their consciousness and remember their Divinity. Each one will be given exactly the testing

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Zalishia of the Pleiades: The Dam Is Bursting!

Zalishia: Greetings, I am Zalishia. EBSS: Greetings. Zalishia: Welcome, dearest heart. Welcome

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The Galactic Federation of Light: A Time Like Never Before

Well hello there! I am very much looking forward to today’s chat. Welcome to you also Blossom, and we would use your terminology of ‘Ditto’. There is much

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As We Shift; The Apocalypse; Sophia Love

Apocalypse means an uncovering of what is hidden. Are we there yet? We are running out of fingers to point with; approaching that moment when all that’s left to do

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Judas Iscariot: Magicians

I am Judas Iscariot and I do not have much news with me today that has not already been written about by all the other channels that operate today. However, I want to emphasize a bit extra the message which … Continue reading

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