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Goddess Hathor: The Krystos Energy

In connecting with my Higher Self and my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message…. I come forth

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The 11:11 Gateway and the Crystalline Form

The energy that we are experiencing lately is very intense and unlike any that we have seen before. It has to do with where we are in the galaxy. We are receiving codes from different locations particularly the Grand Central … Continue reading

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Emmanuel: The New Paradigm is Here

Greetings Dear Ones!  It is I, Emanuel come to be with you, sit with you, this day. For a while I will sit with you in conscious connection with you although I am with you all the time

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Master Numbers And Vibrations

MASTER NUMBERS energetically accentuate the meanings of single digits. They are considered to be the most powerful numerical vibrations. They symbolize

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The Grandmothers: The Mother Returns

The Grandmothers said, “Call out to those who are able to hear this message and tell them ‘the time is now!’ Ask them to rely on our presence within them and to rely on one another, to link with each … Continue reading

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Queen Elizabeth Ensnared in Tax Scandal After Leaked Documents Surface

Queen Elizabeth may have had a cough over her cornflakes Monday morning as the issue of her financial affairs became front page news. The Queen

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A Buddhist Way To Let Go of Your Past

Although the past is long gone, we tend to keep it alive in our minds. A wide range of emotions arise as we think of what has passed—we either feel guilt

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Stop Hair Loss: Fish Oil and Olive Oil

Hair loss can happen for many different reasons including nutritional deficiency, problems with the thyroid gland, drug interactions, poor circulation or genetics. It can also be a sign of hormonal changes within the body

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Something Major is Happening; SkyKing Tested Over 200 Times

SkyKing is an Emergency Action Messaging system built for communicating in the event of huge national and global emergencies. It’s been used to ground flights on 9/11 in the past. Typically

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