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Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Is Donald Trump Too Scared to Name George Bush Sr. and P2 Freemasons as Kennedy Assassins?

benjamin fulfordU.S. Corporation President Donald Trump last week announced he would release all records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, “other than the names and addresses

Horoscope For November 2017

astrology eraoflightI spend a great deal of my time watching and observing, I also spend a great deal of my time listening. It takes time and patience to truly and wholeheartedly listen to another as it means a willingness to step beyond

Archangel Michael: The World is Awakening

archangel michael eraoflightDear Ones,

As you witness all the amazing, challenging changes taking place on your Planet -Congratulate yourselves. YOU are the ENERGETIC

JFK, The CIA And Mainstream Media Deception by Patrick J. McShay

realnewssource eraoflightdot“The committee believes, on the basis of evidence presented to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunmen

Montague Keen: Time To Say Enough

monaguekeenThe battle intensifies as, one by one, all the lies of your controllers are being exposed. Their pyramid of power is disintegrating all around them as books are being written and brave souls are speaking out. I ensured that a particular

November Ascension Energies 2017: The Re-emergence

new earth era of lightI’m shown such a beautiful Ascension energy for November. Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, is calling it The Re-emergence. It has many layers of meaning, but overall it is a unification within each individual

Tap Into Beneficial Energies

energy updateThe world may seem to be falling apart in these moments. Your personal world doesn’t need to mirror this, however, and in fact, this is an excellent time to create more momentum

The Council: Is Reality Real?

thegroup eraoflightOver and over again you say, or hear, “That is not real” or “It’s all an illusion”. And, in fact, we have stated as much ourselves many times. And this is a valid statement. But we wish

Saint Germain: As You Turn More To The Source Within You

st germainI AM Saint Germain.

These times that I can be here and be with you have become more and more the opportunity to do so. But there will come a time in the not