Horoscope For November 2017

astrology eraoflightI spend a great deal of my time watching and observing, I also spend a great deal of my time listening. It takes time and patience to truly and wholeheartedly listen to another as it means a willingness to step beyond one’s ego and judgement, and to allow another the time and space to speak from their hearts and souls. There are many reasons people refuse to listen but often this happens because they have little space to accommodate the pain, feelings or perspective of others; this could be fear-based or it could be a result of buying into a more collective opinion of ‘normal’. Yet, without listening, how can we ever truly grow or evolve? How can we step beyond the rigid boundaries we see in the world unless we are each willing to listen? To truly listen with compassion, to hear what’s been said and not to let the words float in and out, offering platitudes and denial.

There are many of us in society who, for different reasons, feel unheard. We long for a world where equality and unity reign, a world where each soul has the freedom to be themselves. Feeling trapped for so long can lead to either recoiling and withering, or lashing back in anger. As one of life’s observers, I see this ebb and flow in so many, and my heart often silently breaks when I see bright, shining stars recoil and fade as the pain of trying to twinkle and sparkle becomes too painful. When others judge others they often fail to realise they are crushing the life force and tormenting an often already deeply tormented soul. Many of us on a spiritual path have suffered deeply in life, in many different ways and for many different reasons, yet this pain is often the force that unifies and unites us as it enables us to connect to others, allows us to be vulnerable, and inspires us to hold out a hand to someone in need, offering love where there was pain.

Life is a narrative and maybe what matters more than anything else is the version we tell ourselves. It’s a bit like truth, some may say that ‘truth is truth’ and there can only be one version. This may be true on many levels but, as unique beings, we see life through our own eyes and this means that we see life in a way that no one else can, therefore truth becomes flavoured by experiences. We may try to be open-minded to see other’s perspectives, but, when it boils down to it, what we see is no less valid or important. Yet, we often dismiss or demote, preferring to defer to others or to the masses. We try to appease and placate others, often inwardly screaming against the process as we sense how far it is taking us away from ourselves.

We become trapped in-between trying to be ‘normal’ and fulfilling those expectations to be what we feel we should be, against longing to allow our true essence to be free, to dance in the morning light and tenderly breathe deeply into the world. There are many gentle, fragile souls in the world, all struggling with how best to fit, breathe and be free. Yet, it’s time to realise there is nothing to fit into as normality is the force that controls and distorts truth, it stops each soul being free and it is weaponised as a form of control when someone starts to blossom into an individual that others may struggle to understand. Many on the spiritual path and many gifted creative souls all walk this fragile boundary on the periphery, here but not quite here. Of course, it’s this path that allows such potent and powerful creativity to flow but it’s time to ground this more now in order to bring about a new evolution…

With love,



As the winds of change continue to gather momentum, there is a growing sense you are beginning to feel ready to embrace a new chapter in your life. Although it’s hard to say exactly what this new chapter will compromise, you seem to be ready to step from beyond the four walls of your everyday life in order to explore pastures new. This could be as simple as a shifting philosophy on life rather than any major changes, but you cannot help but sense the inklings rippling through your consciousness that you are on the bridge between where you were and where you’re meant to be. Of course, you could look at this from a different perspective to say that this is always the case as you are always in-between here and there, but this shift feels different: it feels more distilled and tangible, as though you have broken through a barrier in your life in order to reach towards something new.

Finding the exact words here is hard but there really are no words to describe this state of being as it’s fluid, free-flowing and constantly shifting; you are in rapidly shifting sands and the essence of this is changing from moment to moment. So, rather than trying to understand this process, try to feel it instead and allow yourself to become one with it in order to make the most of this somewhat magical journey from here to there. It’s easy to get hung-up on what ‘there’ really means to you, after all, you’ve spent a long time trying to achieve your dreams, but ‘there’ also shifts and changes as it flexes and bends as you grow and evolve, so trust your intuition to lead the way and enjoy the ride…


November looks set to be a month of revelation, awakening and emergence as you begin to explore new avenues and pathways in life which open up your consciousness to the bigger picture of ‘what is’. ‘What is’ is rarely an easy state of being to be in as it needs a willingness to be fully present in the here and now, as well as an acceptance of letting go of the concept of linear time that so often traps and confines between looking back on what was and gazing ahead to what could be. Being in a space of ‘what is’ is much more nitty-gritty and real, as it shows you are allowing yourself to be fully present in each and every moment, and not letting the rose-tinted spectacles of wishful-thinking or tunnel vision distort the view.

This is quite a monumental shift for you, and it’s one that’s likely to be sweeping you off your feet as it’s powerful and potent, and it looks set to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. You have spent much of your life trying to be the version of you that you felt was ‘right’: you’ve wanted to keep others happy and to live by the ought’s you’ve carved out. This willingness to give so much has enabled others to do a great deal but the cost has been a shrinking and depleting essence as your true self has slipped out of sight and, to a great extent, out of mind. Although you’ve been aware of the inklings of change for a while, the pace looks set to increase now as you finally feel ready to shake loose and break free, allowing your true essence the room to breathe, stretch and dance once again…


Every single soul is a collection of experiences, ideals, happenings and choices. No two souls are the same and every soul has a vibrant, colourful and amazing tapestry which weaves together forming a unique identity or sense of self. Your experiences in life have brought you great wisdom and tenacity, and they have also brought you great pain, interspersed with joy. Life has a habit of doing that, as the spectrum of existence means it’s not possible to have one without the other: pain and joy, day and night, loss and love… Yet, although this is a part of life, it’s important not to automatically expect the more challenging aspects of being human as this can close the doorway on letting some of the joy through.

Whilst it may be prudent to expect challenge, to protect oneself from it by withholding joy (to avoid the fall after the high) can only lead to lack and sorrow. No one wants pain or challenge, but they are a part of life; they do not vanish if we ignore them. Nor should we put life on hold until we are ‘fixed’ as that rarely happens. November looks set to be a month to inspire you to gently breathe more deeply into your heart and soul in order for you to realise it is only by being fully awake, conscious and breathing deeply into life where you truly come alive. Waking up your consciousness can be challenging as you may sense layers of pain you’ve long been denying, but, more importantly, there are waves of joy waiting to flow freely into your life. This is your time now to reclaim your inner beauty and strength in order to realise that you are a vibrant, unique soul and your experiences matter. Be yourself and love yourself for it…


As you continue to walk a new path in life, there is a sense you are beginning to wonder why you keep putting one foot after the other. Is it because that’s what you’re meant to do or is it because it’s become so automatic you’re not even aware you’re doing it? Are you walking with gusto and purpose or are you meandering aimlessly? It seems clear that there’s a need for you to ask some questions of yourself this month to ensure you know where you are, where you are heading and why. Perhaps you are happy just to keep on keeping on but there is a sense you need to find out more about the bigger picture before you plod on regardless. Forward movement is still movement, and, of course, you may be happy marching on and on just because you can, but surely with so much energy, creative wit and intuition, you deserve to at least allow yourself an opportunity to take a look at the map and GPS in order to work out if you truly are heading along a path that feels right for you?

It’s easy to get caught up in treadmills in life as there are so many as the need to survive often takes over the need to thrive. It’s not that you can’t have one and not the other, but thriving does seem to have taken a back seat in your life over recent years and it’s important you ask yourself why. If you are happy as you are then that’s the end of it, but if there are ripples of discontent echoing around the long corridors of your soul then maybe it’s time to listen to them as it’s never too late to alter course or to find a new pathway to walk…


Life is rarely as straightforward or as ‘black and white’ as you, or indeed anyone, would wish it to be. Trying to box life up into nicely rounded packages, where everything makes sense and there are no messy or undefined edges is only natural, yet, intuitively you know this isn’t possible as you have an inherent connection to the chaotic and random nature of the universe. In many ways, you find yourself torn between wanting to box life up in order to make it easier but wanting to toss all of the boxes high up into the air in order to feel a true sense of freedom in your life. This is a predicament which is highly challenging to live with as you are being tugged in two very different directions: freedom versus order. Yet, are they mutually exclusive? Can you only have one without the other? Is freedom really only possible if you abandon order?

It seems prudent to take a long hard look at your beliefs as it could be that your ‘either/or’ approach to life has reached its limits and it’s time now to find a new way forward. Being one of life’s warriors and pioneers makes for an interesting and rewarding life but there are times when you need less ‘gung-ho’ but more of your enthusiasm channelled in subtler, intuitive and creative ways. Sometimes running and charging ahead is the best strategy to get things done but sometimes a gentle meander and ramble, feeling your way, serves you better. Try to embrace both aspects of your ‘freedom/order’ nature now and realise the true gift of living consciously and wholeheartedly right at the centre of the ebb and flow of life as it allows you to live the best possible life in the best possible way…


As you continue to find new ways of reconnecting to your own in-built guidance system, it seems you are beginning to realise just how intuitive and aware you really are. Over recent weeks there have been some very stormy seas and you have, at times, felt like a tiny dingy trying to negotiate 50-foot waves, giant swells and maelstroms. As a result, you have, understandably, felt discombobulated and out of sorts as your focus has been on trying to cling on and keep going despite the challenges you’ve faced. Yet, despite the storms, you have discovered a great deal about yourself as you have realised you are far more centred and balanced than you previously thought. At the same time, you have taken a few moments to step back in order to see the bigger picture of your life which is far more tranquil and calm than you may think. Yes, there are stormy seas, but these are a part of your life, they are not the complete picture of your life.

In essence, it seems times to look beyond the four walls of your everyday world in order to accept that storms come and storms go. Whilst being in a tiny dingy in rough seas is rarely easy, you always find a way through and this is where your amazing intuition, adaptability and awareness come into play as you can find ways to thrive even in situation where others may wither; you see opportunity for growth where others fade. November looks set to be a month for you to re-connect more wholeheartedly with your inner strength, passion and resolve and allow them some space to breathe and thrive once again. This is an important time for you to reclaim your equilibrium, even in stormy seas, as you are ready to navigate that dingy towards pastures new…


November looks set to be a month of insight and inspiration as you begin to re-shape and re-define your focus towards a brand-new chapter in your life. You have been aware of the winds of change for some time now and you have intuitively known you cannot carry on as you are but, at the same time, you have struggled to know exactly what changes to make and how. You have also wondered if you are truly ready for change as it has somehow been easier to go with the flow as this has avoided the need to make any major choices or decisions. It’s not that you have been keen to shirk such choices, it’s more that you have simply felt too overwhelmed with life and the choices before you to make any kind of informed decision. You are wise enough to know that sometimes you have to bide your time in order for the right pathway to present itself rather than trying to force the issue.

You have been treading water for a while now but are reaching a kind of ‘critical mass’ where you intuitively know you cannot carry on as you are but still lack the clarity and direction to create change. This is therefore a time for you to focus on the stillness within: those brief spaces in-between the spaces and the distractions of everyday life. It is within this space where strength and vision will embrace you and allow you to gain a clearer sense of perspective and a stronger sense of knowing as to what happens next. To pause in a sea of busy-ness takes courage and faith but you have both in abundance. Even during times when you have a ‘wobble’ and doubt yourself, take a deep breath and re-focus on those spaces as this is where joy resides…


As the crossroads in your life continues to converge and diverge, there is a sense you are beginning to find a path through the chaos and uncertainty of the last few months in order to find some much-needed stillness and clarity. As the concept of ‘home’ also continues to surge up from deep within your heart and soul, you are also beginning to contemplate what happiness and joy truly means to you. In some ways, you have spent much of your life looking for ‘home’ (a place that feels energetically balanced and nurturing for you; a sense of inner balance rather than a physical place to reside) and you have struggled to see this amongst the waves of chaos and uncertainty that continue to lap the shoreline of your soul.

You have come to accept and realise that this never changes as uncertainty is the only certainty in life and instead of trying to seek out certainty in order to find home you have now discovered that home truly comes from a willingness to live your life fully, wholeheartedly and courageously in the midst of the uncertainty whilst choosing to thrive anyway. You have never been one to sit on the edges of life waiting for a perfect moment but this hasn’t stopped you from trying all the same as it’s an inherently human thing to do. Yet, now you seem to have set yourself free and allowed yourself to look beyond the boundaries of your beliefs in order to see a richer and more enriching way of living and being that embraces the inherent unknowable-ness of life. This has become your friend and ally and it has allowed you to thrive and blossom, fizz and flourish on a brand-new dancefloor in life…


The energy, dynamic and shape of your beliefs, hopes and expectations look set to take centre stage in November as you continue to go through a fairly intense and rapid shift which is rippling out from deep within the core of your being. The trigger for this process seems to be a need for you to discern between what you truly want and what you think you should want. This has been a central theme for you throughout the year as you have been caught up in-between your dreams and your reality, your true essence and your deeply engrained sense of ‘ought’. ‘Ought’ is a word that should really be banned from your vocabulary as it traps and snares you, locking you into a state of lack and disempowerment. ‘Ought’ holds you back and makes you feel as though you are like a little bird locked in a cage. Yet, ought is a part of life and you have allowed it to take on great power when it comes to living your life; you have allowed it to dictate and define your pathway for so long that it’s now hard to know how to answer when asked ‘what do you truly want?’.

You haven’t actually lost the answer to this question, it’s just buried beneath layer upon layer of ought, must and should. Obviously, life carries with it responsibilities and this isn’t about shirking those, it’s about stepping free from the chains you’ve wrapped around your heart and soul which tell you that being you and being a free spirit somehow isn’t enough. ‘Ought’ may get the bills paid but it doesn’t light up your heart and soul, and this is a time to let your inner flames burn brightly as this is your moment to finally say out loud what you truly want…


You have been wandering through some interesting terrain in life over recent weeks and months as you have tried to reconcile the life you are living with the one you felt you could or should have lived. At the same time, you have been gazing ahead, wondering what’s around the corner and contemplating your dreams and goals. As a part of this process, you have realised the importance of balance between your head and your heart, and you have started to let go of feeling at odds with yourself quite so much when it comes to listening to your intuition more. As a result, you are beginning to feel a growing sense of inner harmony and accord, and your heart and your head are finding new ways to unify together into one powerful and potent force: you.

Your mind is a defining and formidable force in your life and it has usually been leading the charge yet by allowing your heart (your intuition, creativity and compassion) a little more breathing space, you are beginning to feel less frozen in uncertainty about how to get life right and instead allow yourself more freedom to live, laugh and be fully present in each and every moment. It’s only natural to want to get things right, after all, you have worked so hard, and you may feel that allowing your heart more space is ‘giving up’ but it’s not, it’s setting you free from that frozen wasteland of uncertainty and feeling paralysed in indecision. Your fears and doubts are no longer circling above you like vultures in the desert; they have shrunk into better proportion. By opening up your consciousness to your heart, you have set yourself free and allowed yourself the opportunity to breathe fully into life whilst, at the same time, allowing life to breathe into you…


As you continue to feel a sense of wonder and awe as the pieces of your life come together in a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour and perfection, there is a sense you are beginning to realise the value and worth of every single choice and decision you’ve made or not made. It’s as though you are now able to look both back and forth throughout time and space at the bigger picture of your life, seeing how every choice or non-choice has led you to where you are now. In many ways, there is a powerful sense of awakening for you throughout November as you tap into a surge of exploration and adventure in order to open some new doorways in your life. Your natural exuberance, far-reaching philosophies and vitality are finding new outlets and channels as you allow your true essence the space to flow more freely in your life.

It may be hard for you to feel totally comfortable with such a strong focus on yourself as you spend so much of your time trying to be everything to everyone else, so you may even feel you are being a bit selfish but you’re not. The cost of being such a big giver to others has been an inability to allow your true self the freedom to dance and it created a growing sense of inner discord and imbalance within you as you moved further and further away from your true sense of equilibrium. Reclaiming your essence and allowing the kaleidoscope within to dance freely isn’t selfish and it doesn’t mean turning your back on those close, it simply means a turning point in your life where you are no longer afraid to listen to your own needs, to honour them and to let your true colours shine…


In many ways, you are a person of two halves. There is the part of you that everyone sees: that happy, smiling creative soul, full of inspiration and vision. Then there is the part of you which lies beneath the surface, it’s well hidden and rarely steps out into the sunlight to be noticed or acknowledged. This ‘shadow’ side of you isn’t darkness or pain, it’s the more reflective, intuitive side of you that’s quite sensitive to the everyday pedestrian-ness of life. When life gets tough, you protect your more delicate nature as a way of self-preservation and it works well as you are a master of hidden depths and making the visible invisible. Yet, over time, the more you have protected your delicate side, the bigger the brick walls you have built so the gap has grown exponentially between the everyday you and this more delicate, fragile you.

Of course, both are facets of the same you but there is an incongruence which you cannot ignore as it feels as though you are here but not here at the same time. You have mastered the art of self-protection so well you have managed to lose yourself in the process but the hidden you hasn’t vanished and is calling you from the depths of your soul. It’s time to listen now in order to bring back together the different facets of you into a more cohesive and unified whole: your focus now needs to be on feeling and being whole from the inside rather than on trying to find wholeness whilst living in just one half of you and therefore seeking wholeness purely from external sources. You have reached a powerful crossroads in your life and you are ready now to tenderly love your inner self and to find a new balance in living whole-heartedly…


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