Goddess Isis: Feminine Energy

isis eraoflightSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I connect with my Higher Self with my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team – I

Harvard Med School Researcher Discusses The Science Of Where “Consciousness” Comes From

thebluerayAs Nikola Tesla said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of  it existence.” And truly, we are living in the beginning

The Collective: Realization

council of mastersGreetings, Creators of this new Earth era!

We greet you with joy at this time that is celebrated by so many as the beginning of an important holiday period.

December Full Moon 2017

astrology new artDecember is a big month in astrology as there are a lot of changes and shifts taking place. These changes and shifts are really going to help shower us with a new

New Timelines And Light Body Activations

dna activationBELOVED TRIBE,

We have been experiencing massive upgrades and activations since 10/10 when we entered a New Dimension and New Timeline

Egyptian Study Confirms Autism is Caused By Mercury In Vaccines

eolnewsEver heard of metabolic brain disease? A team of nine scientists from top Egyptian medical schools and universities may have just confirmed that one in every 50 American children has it, and its primary cause could

Astronomers Find The Milky Way Has A ‘Twin’ Galaxy That Looks Just Like Our Own

galaxies eraoflightWe’ve seen ourselves in the heavens. A giant spiral galaxy 180 million light years from Earth not only resembles the Milky Way but also boasts a pair of interacting