Mike Quinsey From Higher Self 11/17/2017

mikequinseyThe new cycle is well under way, and you should bear in mind that Humanity as a collective is creating exactly how the new era shall develop. The old is no longer automatically taking its place in the new cycle

New Moon Breakthrough

astroscopeThis week with its New Moon is an opportunity for a significant personal breakthrough. Consider now specifically what you would like to shift and what your ideal outcome looks like. Continue reading for suggestions

The Council: Now What?

ascended beingsIn the past, we have made use of several images, metaphors, to depict for you the manner in which energies build and eventually result in rapid change. We used waterfalls, avalanches, snowballs rolling down hills

Archangel Michael: We Are Moving Now Full Steam Ahead

archangel michael eraoflightI AM Archangel Michael.

It is I who comes here to you to be with you at this time just as Ashtar was here the last. For Ashtar began a process at that moment at that time that he met

Elthor The Dragon: Kindling Your Flame

dragon whiteIt is I, Elthor the dragon. I speak for the dragons tonight for much is restructuring at this Now moment, and great surprises are well underway. We dragons are very partial to fire for its power

Scientists Create A Magnetic “Wormhole” That Connects Two Regions of Space

wormhole connections eraoflightdotcomWormholes are fascinating (but theoretical) cosmological objects that can connect two distant regions of the universe. They would allow one to create “shortcuts” through space in order to travel

Arcturian Council: The Way of Love

arcturian council eraoflightdotcomGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very much in love with each and every one of you, no matter who you are and no

Yeshua: There is Absolutely Nothing to Fear

sanandaAs you well know – YES, you DO! – you are all dearly loved, so let go of your doubts, they are utterly and completely invalid. You are presently in human form, and you know, because Saul and I and various other channels keep telling