New Moon Breakthrough

astroscopeThis week with its New Moon is an opportunity for a significant personal breakthrough. Consider now specifically what you would like to shift and what your ideal outcome looks like. Continue reading for suggestions of how to tap into the energies for beneficial breakthroughs and how to focus your mind for optimal results.

With so much going on in your external world, it’s easy to lose sight of your personal goals and your larger soul mission for being alive now. It’s essential, however, to regularly come back to yourself and refocus your energies.

New Moon Opportunity

This is especially true now during the New Moon opportunity window. What’s needed is to be present to the opportunity for breakthroughs, and focus on what you want to create on a very personal level. As mentioned, do this with specifics in mind – rather than intending you have a great job or happy relationship, intend the specifics of what it looks like and feels like. And, of course, visualize yourself in the picture.

Intend now that you will rise above the tendency to get so caught up in outer world dramas and the annual holiday rush that you neglect your inner self and personal path.

You are not meant to be living on automatic, simply going from one experience to the next. Even though it’s in your conditioning to live on the surface – letting circumstances carry you to the next situation – this is not your authentic way of relating to this life experience. To be authentic, you must strive to be present to each moment and situation. This means being consciously at choice and considering the ramifications of choices before making them.

The more that you can do this, the greater your abundance and the happier you will be.

Mercury Retrograde Shadow

Since we now sit in the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde shadow phase, factor into your plans the need to take care of things like technology backups and contract signing ahead of the actual retrograde. Travel plans you make now may go more smoothly than if you wait to book during the Mercury Retrograde December 2/3-22.

Letting Go to Be Free

This Scorpio New Moon is a perfect time for renewal, reflection, regeneration, and revitalization. The energies also support being able to put a magnifying glass on thorny issues that you haven’t been able to resolve. This can help you to see what you didn’t see before. Also, importantly, it can help you in accessing buried feelings that need to come to the surface before breakthroughs occur. As you let go of these old energies and feelings, you can be free.

During internal process on your own and with others you trust to work with you on the deeper levels, you can take a very big leap in these moments.

DNA Akashic Records

Keep in mind that many of the seemingly immovable obstacles have roots in the past. These could be ancestral, your early life, or even past lives. These can be accessed and addressed within your DNA akashic records. A general energy guideline for accessing the deep buried roots is this: you must have on some level invited the deeper look, you are ready, and the timing is right.

Another part of the New Moon energy opportunity is having flashes of helpful insight about your current life and path ahead. You also may discover that a doorway opens for meeting new people, creating new business partnerships, and having closure with a loved one on the other side. I mention this here because already this month in my 1-1 DNA sessions, clients are receiving messages from departed loved ones – helping with understanding and an ability to let go of hurts and misunderstandings. This alone can be one of the most powerful breakthroughs right now.

Wherever you are in your process now, give yourself the gift of space and presence during this New Moon gateway. Invite a knowing of how you can utilize it in the highest way. Ask your Higher Self to give you clues and also help you in the dream state over the next few days – bringing to your conscious awareness what you need to know.

Trust that in the truest sense, you are never really stuck or blocked. It can feel like that with some issues, yet that’s because you haven’t yet accessed the deepest roots that need to come to light. Know that this is a process, and in the divine orchestration of things, you will see what’s hidden so you can address it and be free.


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