Cyron of the Pleiades: Listen to Your Soul

The PleiadesBeloved Light Beings,

I am Cyron and I greet you! Once again I get in touch to remind of the fact that we stand on your side. Cyron has Continue Reading →

November Quantum Cosmic Energy Report, Deeper into the Depths

reflections eraoflightdotcomThe deeper all go inside, the more expansive all become, the more portals are opened to all existences, beyond this “human physical existence” one. Deeper into the depth, delving deep into the oceans and Continue Reading →

Nine Ways to Use the Element of Happiness and Success

divine love eraoflightdotcomThere are two elements that are key in feng shui: Fire and Water. The importance of water has been covered at length, but the element of fire is often overlooked, though it shouldn’t be Continue Reading →

The Grandmothers: Stillness is Your Home

grandmothers speak“Grandmothers,” I asked, “how can we hold steady during these tumultuous times?”

“Drop into your center space,” the Grandmothers replied. “Drop in deep and once there, wait Continue Reading →

Sacred Transformation: Light Tribe Choice Point

sunny day eraoflightBlessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gatekeepers opened this week for the November 3 – 8 influx. It is a strong cosmic opening, let us actively utilize this Light to amplify the Continue Reading →