Nine Ways to Use the Element of Happiness and Success

divine love eraoflightdotcomThere are two elements that are key in feng shui: Fire and Water. The importance of water has been covered at length, but the element of fire is often overlooked, though it shouldn’t be. Fire is an essential element. It keeps us warm and cooks our food. As we all know, fire can also cause serious damage, such as a house burning down or a raging wildfire. But fire brings many benefits, especially in feng shui and Asian thought. The color of fire is red and the color red activates, effectively turning the power on to wherever it’s used or placed. Using it the right way can bring material rewards, recognition, fame, pleasure and happiness. What’s not to love about fire?

9 Feng Shui Ways to Use the Fire Element for Success & Happiness

1. Come on, get happy.

Water is the element of wealth, but it’s negative side, water represents sadness and depression. But fire is the element of happiness pure and simple, and red is the color of fire. If you’ve been down, use red colors to lift your spirits. Just think of all those red lanterns and red envelopes the Chinese use at the New Year and the festive look it has. Red is an activator, so when you feel stuck and stagnant or worry too much, add some red color to your home. Use red decorations for all happy occasions – or just when you want to feel happy.

2. Go full flame on your love life.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, fire can kick start your relationship if it’s cooled down, or heat up a new one. Activate the southwest love sector with beautiful crystals and bright lights. Keep this area brightly lit when you’re looking for love. A chandelier is one of the best ways to activate your southwest corner. In the bedroom, add a red candle or lamp with a red shade to illuminate your love luck. Activating this corner also helps love relationships to deepen. Singles should wear red frequently.

3. Activate your fame and recognition luck.

The south corner is the corner of social luck, which includes fame and recognition. Give this corner a boost with lighting in this location, unless the 5 Yellow is visiting, so do observe the warnings about flames and lighting in the corner when the 5 Yellow is there (2018). One of the best ways to pump up your fame luck is by lighting in the garden. Lighting that comes up from the ground and pointed up at the house is especially potent. In the living room, have a bright light shining here.

For a powerful boost to your fame and recognition, create a candle garden with nine red votive candles and place them in the south corner of your living room. Light them once a day, being careful not to leave them unattended. They don’t have to burn long, but do burn them once a day. This is a good ritual to use at the New Moon. Don’t forget to boost fame luck by wearing red often.

4. Burn through money and health problems with fire.

If you have a bathroom or toilet pressing down on your health and wealth luck, simply place some red objects in the bathroom, such as a red candle. The fire energy will help hold down the bathroom’s pressure on your health and wealth luck. To energize your finances, carry a red handbag and wallet.

5. Revitalize your home and re-ignite good luck chi.

If you ever feel like your home is lifeless and stagnant, put the jumper cables to it by adding lots of lighting. Still, dead energy will only grow worse with time. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to give your home a kick start. Keep a light on each room for at least three hours a day to activate your home again. This is a great way to propel your home’s chi, especially when you want to undertake something new or just need to break that stuck feeling.

6. Fire corrects problem areas easily.

Fire and lighting are terrific ways to counter poison arrows or missing corners. A light pole that shines back at the corner of a neighbor’s house or other sharp object like a tree or pole will help to dissolve the poison arrows energy. If you have a missing corner, anchor a light post where the corner would be concluded. This is a symbolic way to represent the missing sector.

7. Red fire energy burns through anger.

When there’s anger and harsh words in the house, add red to the living room to burn through upset feelings. You should also check to see where the 3 Jade star of anger is and add red there. In 2017, it’s in the west and 2018, it’ the northeast and south in 2019. If you feel angry or have to deal with angry people, wear red. Anger is symbolized by wood and the red color will help you burn through angry or difficult people.

8. Give your thinking a jolt with red.

Everyone feels a little dull from time to time. Get your head in the game with red colors, lighting or candles in the northeast corner, the corner of thinking and clear-headed decisions. You can do this by burning a candle here, some incense, or adding bright lights or red-colored objects. This is also a great corner to activate if you’re a writer, student, or have children still in school, and will help all these intellectual pursuits.

9. Use the power of 9 to picture your life differently.

The number that relates to fire and red colors is the number 9. When you need something to change, move nine pictures in your home. The eye is the part of the body that relates to the fire element and the number 9. Sometimes we have to “see” things differently and by moving nine images or pictures on the wall, it forces to you to see in a new way.


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