The Council: Now What?

ascended beingsIn the past, we have made use of several images, metaphors, to depict for you the manner in which energies build and eventually result in rapid change. We used waterfalls, avalanches, snowballs rolling down hills, and others.

Sometimes much extremely detailed planning and preparation are needed before a situation can manifest. Always, the safety and highest interests of all beings are of paramount importance.

With the exception of karma and karmic choices, no event, even in your definitions, results in what you call accidents. The Creator, Source, God, or whatever you name the overarching consciousness field, does not and cannot make mistakes. By definition, that is a fact. Things may happen that you do not like or understand. That does not mean they are either accidental or mistakes.

Eventually, in any situation that requires change, the energy and preparation reach that moment when the inertia morphs into building momentum. These are ‘laws’ that you have built into your existence. The experience of living moment by moment in order to experience every nuance of change is also such a conscious creation. From other viewpoints, each change is an instantaneous, speed of thought, thing. All moments exist now. There is only now. This is not something that can be explained to you in your current state of perception.

We are saying all of this in order to help you understand the very short and simple statement that we truly wish to make today.

The process that you have longed for has begun. The changes are upon you. Even now, you are not being apprised of the progress that is occurring, unless a certain event cannot be hidden. Even then, you are often being told utter nonsense when it is reported. We want to say very little to you, but we want to remind you of a few things.

This is to be the beginning of the world you have come here to create. This will be a world of truth. There is never anything to fear in truth. Even though there will continue to be immense efforts to maintain the lies, those efforts will fail.

Now, you know that your days are taking weeks to pass. And your months are flashing by in minutes. Before you know it, as you say, all will be completed. But there will still be massive work to be done, as all of the old will need to be replaced. You have done this before. If you are reading these sorts of messages, it is a given that you have done so. You will create this once more. And when you are needed, you will do this again in some other place. How do you suppose warriors such as yourselves are regarded? Do you think that perhaps you are given the highest honor, the greatest love, and that we perhaps hold you in awe?

Namasté, dearest ones. Namasté.


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» Source – Channel: Ronald Head