Archangel Michael: We Are Moving Now Full Steam Ahead

archangel michael eraoflightI AM Archangel Michael.

It is I who comes here to you to be with you at this time just as Ashtar was here the last. For Ashtar began a process at that moment at that time that he met with you and with others across the planet. For many groups are now coming together and many groups are sharing this understanding, this knowing, this sense of oneness that is passing across the planet now.

At that time he spoke to you that all was in readiness, all was in preparation. Those of the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation of Light, all of the different councils that are working in this ascension process for not only this planet but for the entire solar system and even the galaxy itself is going through this great momentous change of consciousness. And he spoke of this. And I come now to speak to you further of these changes that are coming very fast and that all that you have been waiting for, expecting is close at your door now you might say. Barely a whisper away are we as we wait for that final signal which is coming.

Just as Ashtar has said I Am also saying all is in readiness. And you have heard the terminology now the gloves are off and that is true. You have heard the term enough is enough and that is also true. But we have waited for some time now to provide the opportunity for those who would not seize this opportunity for some time now, that would not turn to the light. We gave them the opportunity to be able to do so but they have thwarted our efforts at every turn. Even to the point of manifesting to them directly, being in their presence, showing ourselves, and yet they turn away. They turn away to what they have always known … at least in these lifetimes. They have forgotten where they came from. They have forgotten that they came from the light and that all must return to the light.

We have given them this opportunity. They have turned away from it. We have given it to them again and again but they continue to turn away. Now we are not going to continue to offer it until they are ready to make the move themselves. If they are ready to turn to the light we will accept that but we are moving now full steam ahead with what must come now, what must be, which Prime Creator has declared has decreed that enough is enough and all systems are go at this point.

It does not necessarily mean that you will experience The Event tomorrow or the next week or even the next month but you will experience it. It is coming it cannot be stopped. Ascension cannot be stopped any longer. No matter what those in the darkness still do they cannot hold it off.

But know this, as you continue to move through your daily lives — continue to live your lives — but know as you live each and every moment of your life that all is in flux, all is in motion and your lives are about to take a major turn as these vibrations continue to accumulate across the planet and you continue to do those jobs those missions that you came here for.

We are all watching now, all watching as you continue the processes that you have been learning. Continue to find yourselves moving into the higher vibrations more and more each day; feeling it, knowing it, believing it. And as you know the more you believe it the more you will see it.

I AM Archangel Michael. I will be with you at this coming Advance  (He is speaking of our December Advance – formerly called retreats) very much so, as things turn out at that moment in those moments. You will understand much.

All of my love and peace be with all of you. Take up my Sword of Truth and have everything be revealed. All of the truth will be revealed and the darkness washed away with the light.


» Source Source 2 – Channel: James McConnell