The Grandmothers: The Mother Returns

grandmothers speakThe Grandmothers said, “Call out to those who are able to hear this message and tell them ‘the time is now!’ Ask them to rely on our presence within them and to rely on one another, to link with each other in sisterhood, in brotherhood. Call these people forward. They are the Family of Light and as such they are needed to hold steady, to step up and most of all, to listen.

Listen to the silence within,” the Grandmothers said.

“The Mother is coming. She is returning to Earth.

“The Great Mother has been absent for millennia,” they said.  “In fact, She was nearly erased from the consciousness of humanity but in this case ‘nearly’ wasn’t enough.  She persisted, She adhered.  The energy of Yin did not go away, it only went underground, and now it is rising up to the surface.  Present once again, present within each woman and in many men.   It is time,”the Grandmothers said, “to call that up.

“To activate the energy of the Mother, begin meeting in groups of like-minded people to talk about the Divine Feminine, explore who She is, sing Her songs and enjoy being held in the energy of the Mother.   You have been deprived of Her embrace for far too long,” they said, “so long that at this moment many of you are struggling to understand what we are talking about.  ‘Divine Feminine?’ ‘What’s that?’ you ask.   And we understand your confusion.

“The Mother was removed from recorded history, removed from nearly all aspects of the world’s religions, from public squares and from everyday discourse.  This removal took place several thousand years ago and continues into the present.  It was done deliberately.  However, no matter how misguided people have been, no matter how confused they may become, mankind is not capable of removing one half of creation from the face of the Earth.  The Mother IS. And she is back.

This revelation may shock you.  You may actually find yourself turning away from it and, should you feel that way, be sure to ask yourself, ‘why?’  Why does it frighten me to think of a Divine Mother?  The answer is simple.  You have been taught to deny Her existence, conditioned to doubt that there can be anything other than a Father.  For thousands of years humanity has been shaped by patriarchy.  And for those thousands of years patriarchy has controlled all of human history.

But there is something new happening now.  The energy on your planet is shifting.  Amidst all the strife and upheaval taking place today as the old systems on Earth begin to topple, there is a new wind blowing.  The Mother is returning.  And not a moment too soon,” the Grandmothers said.  “It’s time for you to get to know your Mother.  Take that time.”

~ Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers.


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