Something Major is Happening; SkyKing Tested Over 200 Times

Earth and the communicationSkyKing is an Emergency Action Messaging system built for communicating in the event of huge national and global emergencies. It’s been used to ground flights on 9/11 in the past. Typically, it gets used 5 times per year. Last night, it was used OVER 200 TIMES. Something major is occurring.

There are major changes sweeping Saudi Arabia as we speak. The corrupt leadership is being locked away in prison. Some of the Saudi Princes are being held at upscale hotels, like the Ritz Carlton. Iran, seeing what’s happening, is allegedly firing missiles at the kingdom. The Saudi Foreign Minister has called it “an act of war”, however it’s been reported that a tribe in Yemen actually fired the missile, which was provided by Iran.

There are whispers of major arrests happening in the US, with politicians like Hillary Clinton, John McCain, John Podesta being linked to Russia through UraniumOne. The DNC has basically disavowed Hillary Clinton, with Donna Brazile and Elizabeth Warren admitting the primaries were rigged.

Now, both Hillary Clinton and John McCain both happen to be wearing medical boots. Why? Could they perhaps be hiding ankle monitor bracelets designed to ensure they don’t flee because major charges are coming? Grab some popcorn, sit back and get ready to enjoy the show. Something big is happening…


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