As We Shift; The Apocalypse; Sophia Love

new earth era of lightApocalypse means an uncovering of what is hidden. Are we there yet?

We are running out of fingers to point with; approaching that moment when all that’s left to do is to stand there, in open mouthed awe or horror at what we have become. We are remembering the art of holding love.

It’s not possible to isolate this issue that is smearing our headlines with sex and violence. I almost wrote “power”, yet this is not about power, not in its true sense. Do no confuse gender or personal violence with power. What we are witnessing is attempted dis-empowerment on a massive scale.

This exposure now, (and we are only just beginning), brings to light the dark underbelly of polarity. It will not be cured separately or with individual shame and punishment. We can’t fire everyone. This is a global reckoning.

Conditions as powerful and fearful as those that await the headlines – misogyny, world-wide pedophilia, satanic ritual and human trafficking – have to be seen before they can be stopped. These abuses continue unabated due to fear. We are collectively becoming unafraid. For a race that bases its primary organizing activities on violence, this is a big deal.

Both the woman who states out loud what happened and the man who states out loud “I’m sorry” are stepping up. Both assume, in doing so, they are facing their worst nightmares. Yet all of us feel this.

As it unfolds, we have this golden opportunity to lay the foundation for a new culture. We must hold a place now for love to respond. We’ve answered violence with more violence for as long as we can remember. You are here now to answer this darkness with light.

For sure, our light illuminates the darkest corners. Every ugly behavior and hidden solution shows itself. It is clear what’s controlled our narrative and behavior before today – fear and polarity.

These things fall away now. Not by accident, but by intent. They will not leave us without a viable option to replace them. This is where love enters.

Not as a weak, tear filled reaction to what is happening, but as a solid force of acceptance directing our movements. We’ve all participated in this allowing of a culture to continue that violates the basis of human rights. Our silence, our shame and our fear of exposure all contribute. We must move past shock and into “what do we do now?”

This is answered in responsibility and integrity. The door has been flung open and it will not ever be closed again. Oneness sits beyond that door. Yet we have to stroll in, unafraid, to get there.

Fearless means loving anyway. We’ll soon be looking at the face of evil and realize it’s a human one. What then? We will not throw out the baby, but the bathwater has to be changed.

New methods and programs and even words are needed. There are isolated societies already dealing with how to successfully and powerfully navigate the human condition. They’ve sprouted on the fringe of mainstream. They will no doubt soon be our guides.

We must trust what we know to be real. Our heart becomes the new focus – the driving organ for all human activity – the standard for intelligence – the holder of our essence and the place where true power resides.

Let go of blame and shame and judgment. They eat up your time and waste your energy. Instead, love. Gently hold each other there. Allow for this new response to emerge. This one rests in oneness.

We will define the specifics together. Don’t ignore the headlines, but move past them into tomorrow. It is on that unwritten page that you are right now penning a rough draft. What do you see? Make it amazing.

We are anchors for the light. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Let’s do this.

With many blessings, much gratitude and infinite love, Sophia!


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