Blowing The Lidd Off The Old And Making Room For The New

aquarious eraoflightAloha beautiful Cosmic Love BEings,

Do you continue to try to hold on and fight to keep things the same? Your perceptions of SAFE are changing as you start to SEE more every day now….

There’s no more sitting on the sidelines with your CONSCIOUSNESS….

You “gather the data” and “compute it” differently now. Mind-blowing for many, the human mind must be BLOWN to comprehend the monstrosities that were buried deep beneath UNCONSCIOUSNESS…. (for/by each).

What does it take to motivate you, to move you from the “seat of fixed mentalities/beliefs” that believed in something “outside of you” as having the POWER? What does it take for you to UNIFY, instead of carrying on the OLD ways out of your own separation that you might not have even known was there before? What does it take to OPEN YOUR HEART (THEREFOR YOUR HIGHER MIND CONSCIOUSNESS TOO), that you have to make a choice and the choice you make affects everyone too?

The beauty is, that all is being EXPOSED, for those who did not want to see/hear… as COLLECTIVE exposure means what is tolerable changes…. It also means that the FORCE OF PUSHING the human aspect out of complacency and giving their power away must be massively huge too…. for the Ego is strong in it’s fears and not wanting to listen/see and it keeps each’s heart closed….

No longer an option, for anyone here…..

SO, what do we have now? WE have TOTAL DISCLOSURE and COLLAPSING/DISSOLVING OF THE VEILS occurring “out there” for VISIBILITY to occur…. We have hearts opening everywhere, unity/coming together as “the new way”, because those awakening are realizing that duality/separation/fighting and carrying on the old serves no one anymore.

We have collectives FORCED into a position to have to choose to take their power back or the alternative is even “worse”, if you will…..

What does this mean? R-EVOLUTION through UNITY and the polarizing energy being “NO, not anymore”. The Rise of the Divine Masculine through the Divine Feminine, which catalyses each to move to INTENTIONAL CREATION of what IS ACCEPTABLE by pushing each into ACTION…. BY GOING INWARD where the external “distortions” are too overwhelming, which is how the next part of AWAKENING works.

The breaking down of the walls, the re-working/re-wiring nervous system, the neural pathways opening up (Universal Mind)… the PHYSICAL BODY won’t be able to take anymore… This is where RE-BALANCING from INSIDE (YOUR INNER SELF) is allowed to emerge and that subtle voice gets louder, when distortions are so loud and visible that the only option is to pull away and go inside the SANCTUARY where there is quiet, peace and solitude amongst the external noise….

For many,  this is the path to WELCOME TIME ALONE, MEDITATION and even each other, in the SANCTITY OF QUIET, where new clarity can come forth. Our human doesn’t like this “new clarity”, because for awhile, it means everything in our life is out-of-alignment, and we were unaware before… It’s okay, because these mega-high vibrations SUPPORT ALIGNMENT EASIER NOW… if each is ready, open and had enough of the “old”….

The increasing frequency of our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH supports every dimensional reality, which is so very cool! THAT MOMENT OF AWARENESS and REALIZATION, can “trigger” an emotional release (ENERGY) that kept those realities in place… this E-Motion OUT is reversing the flow of energy from stagnant/stuck/suppressed, so that each’s heart can open more. Uncomfortable in the beginning, the ego mind goes rampant with excuses, resistance and stories that are no longer true…. only if one “still tries” to believe them…. which is where each of our MASTERY and discernment comes in… WE have to “learn” discernment when it comes to what we BELIEVE….

Shifting from a “thinking reality” to a feeling/knowing reality is beyond challenging at first, because it means there is no “up front proof” and we have to have faith and trust in a “higher power” (our higher selves/Universe/etc.) that does not offer anything other than an ENERGETIC “hand” to reach out and take hold of in order to allow this INVISIBLE ENERGY to “lead the way”….

The RAWNESS of REALNESS is foreign and scary at first too. What will others think, say, do? Our human-ego loves to play the JUDGMENT GAME to keep fear & chaos going inside…. While the EASY WAY is to STOP CARING what we “think” others will say/do and focus on what FEELS APPROPRIATE FOR US and to FREE OURSELVES from the PRISON OF JUDGMENT and FEAR… if we are truly ready to.

Who cares what a limited judgmental human thinks? Is this how you want to continue to give your power away and your LOVE FOR YOU too? Do you want to continue to JUDGE and play in the polarity of duality and non-love still? Or…. are you ready, truly ready to HONOR WHAT YOU FEEL finally, honor your body, honor your SOUL, honor your heart, honor what you came here to BE and DO with ALL OF YOUR RESPECT and LOVE for you?

Living ON a 5th Dimensional Plane means LOVING YOURSELF FULLY and not allowing FEAR to rule your choices/decisions anymore. The 5th Dimension is the BEGINNING for all of the Magic & amazingness that is available, yet you are the ONE THAT HAS TO MAKE THOSE CHOICES TO STEP THROUGH THE PORTAL from INSIDE…. AND WALK THE PASSAGEWAY, complete the INITIATIONS presented to you every moment of every day and to pull away to ALLOW FOR SILENCE and your body to RAISE IT’S VIBRATION AGAIN.

What you SURROUND YOURSELF (allow in your Field) MATTERS…. and yes, we all do have a choice. We can keep telling ourselves that we do not, which is what our Ego self loves to do, when in Essence, all we have to do is OPEN UP TO ANOTHER WAY, open up to allow our vibration to raise, open up for our consciousness to expand, open up to LET GO of that which represented “prison for our souls” before (the lower dimensions of unconsciousness), and then DO what we see/hear/know, which is usually what our Ego Aspect “does not like”.

Every time we tell our-self/others a story, we solidify a BELIEF, we carry “old” forward and re-create it to occur AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN….

Human aspects have no clue that EVERY WORD IS A STORY OF SOME KIND….. They do not listen to their words, tune into the VIBRATION or feeling, hear the UNTRUTHS without JUDGMENT… and just “call it like it is”… (BS). When we take our own blinders off (veils) and we just start seeing without distortions that skew our view, it’s actually quite refreshing (and addictive at first too!).

The 11/11 StarGate blew the lid off, after the 8/21 Eclipse did this too. This last 10 days has been StarGates activating and re-aligning, synchronizing/harmonizing in powerful ways, by amplifying distortions considerably, so that all can now finally SEE….. This 12/3 Super Full Moon moves us further into BLOWING THE LID OFF of any unconscious programs to MAKE ROOM for UNITY-LOVE-CONSCIOUSNESS TO REPLACE the old…. Yes, REPLACE IT.  WE are not here to “fix” anything. We are here to re-create it completely, with all new standards, all new VALUES, all new SYSTEMS that are formed/built on the SOLID FOUNDATIONS: NEW EARTH ENERGIES…..

The “faster” each is READY to REPLACE the old realities with what is NOW ALIGNED, the “faster” and easier all is for all of us…. This can be painful for the human aspect, which is just a deconstruction/dissolving of identities and beliefs, attachments to an outcome and holding on out of fear/safe/self-preservation or this can be SIMPLE…. to do what is DIVINELY ALIGNED…. what is considerate, respectful and kind, as love and UNITES ALL through coming together, supporting each other instead of trying to destroy, manipulate or control.

Everyone has a choice, in every moment NOW. The human ego will love to say they do not, because their heart is firmly closed, which means something will OCCUR to assist with bringing those walls down, dissolving those protection mechanisms in order to OPEN UP THE PORTALS OF POSSIBILITY for each to step into the “perceived unknown”. The reason this is so FEARFUL is because the ego cannot control “the unknown” and it fights to hold on to control.

TRUST and DEEP INNER CONNECTION REPLACES disconnected states. Faith and KNOWING replace fear and doubt, just because the outcome is not visible first. This REVERSAL of how we FUNCTION replaces “what’s in it for me” with “I’m ready to step up, step forth, be visible and contribute what I have to offer, which is my PURE HEARTED ME.”

All we have to do is CARE, be ready and JUMP into the NEW, with both feet/all of us, our whole BEING, heart, Soul, body, mind and everything we have access to too! All we have to do is put the “fight down” against “each other” and CHOOSE to COME TOGETHER once and for all. All we have to do is SAY NO to that which attempts to overpower us from dis-respect, ignorance and blatant lack of love, manipulation or by playing on our fears….. This playing is the game, the test… part of the INITIATION PROCESS of walking out of the lower dimensional timelines and vibrating into 5D & above……

Now, this GATEWAY and PASSAGEWAY phase we are in, is CONTINUAL GALACTIC PORTALS opening all day, every day now. Continual “tests” to see what you will choose, allow, do… Continual passageways out of the OLD and into the NEW….. These are now constant re-alignment processes that increase substantially daily now… It’s basically “ALL ABOARD” OUR LIGHT SHIP now….

There are many tools you can use, use them all to open up, shift. The continuing message for December is FOCUS ON YOUR BODY’S VIBRATION and GET your WHOLE VIBRATION UP…..

How do you do this? In every way that you can. I will list several here, check my site for a wealth of ideas too. Watch some videos, listen to some interviews by those who share this information for what resonates with you. Awaken each day ready to rock it out, ready to connect on a DEEPER LEVEL than ever before and EXCITED for the opportunities, the infinite possibilities available for you to IMPLEMENT and APPLY to your LIFE….. GET creative, play, get out in nature, come together, take more “me time”, open up to share, support others, make a difference in their moment/day/life. When you REALLY ARE READY, then the list of options will be infinite on how you can SHARE YOU and anything you have access to too.

As a Gatekeeper, I will be writing/sharing through this month, while pulling away to honor “me time”, so that I can fulfill my purposes/duties/roles for all of us too. WE open portals to the INFINITE and we bring forth new information, activate and anchor NEW LIGHT CODES and GEOMETRICS into the Gridwork and on our Earth here for us all. WE HOLD the highest everything and collapse the old intentionally and continually, because it’s a part of our service here. I’ve lightened my schedule to allow for how I need to BE/DO in order to accomplish too. I encourage you/all to put HONORING you/each other as love and doing what you NEED TO DO FOR YOU, to maintain balance inside which correlates to your exterior reality too, to hold more LIGHT, by not allowing yourself to deplete, unless it’s a part of your body break-down/re-building process that is necessary to evolve from linear to non-linear Quantum Cosmic LightBodies here.

Step away, observe and open your heart as wide as you can….. KEEP it open, NO MATTER WHAT…. because if you allow it to close, something will assist you with opening it fully again. Ask for kindness (this is you acknowledging that you are open to change, which dissolves your own resistance,shifting the dimension of your experience). Be kind to yourself, patient with yourself, pat yourself on the back. Bring more of what you DO DESIRE in, so that you are ready to release all that you no longer desire to experience here.

Most of all, love yourself and treat yourself with respect. Open up for MIRACLES and MAGIC and EXPECT these things to happen, as these are just portals opening up to alternate realities you didn’t have access to before, because you were not open/ready yet.

ELEVATE your consciousness beyond the physical, if you find the physical distracting or challenging. As you do, as your heart opens, you will feel the fuzzy, softness of higher dimensional consciousness to emerge from within you. ALLOW Peace and love to REPLACE chaos, drama, confusion and any fear your head keeps trying to play for you……

Embrace the UNKNOWN, knowing this means NEW realities that SUPPORT your highest everything here. Welcome it in as you feel it, connect with is, no matter whether your head “gets it” yet. Connect deep inside to that KNOWING and let this LEAD YOUR WAY….it is there… you have to go deeper and deeper and deeper until you find it….. your Soul/Higher Selves/Universe/Galaxies awaiting for you to REMEMBER what you blocked access to before, when your heart closed…..

I love you! It’s time to further TRANSFORM REALITIES in every way now. ♥

~ Lisa ~


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