Heavenletters: Knowing The Glory You Are

sunny day eraoflightGod said:

When did you wander into the shoals of Earth and accept this alcove you seem to sit in as the Whole Truth of you? How amazing that this portion of Life falls to you on the Beautiful Creation of Earth. It is beautiful, you know. Look at a Sunrise or Sunset. Look at One Leaf of a Tree.

How far from the Truth your present Life appears to look like, as if you are being held bound and hidden as a hostage in a distant land.

You think you crawl on your knees in a tiny inch or two of water far from the True Stream of the Water of Life you seem to be stranded on. Here you are, a True Seventh Wonder of the World, and you believe you are missing out on so much that the world has promised you. Look again.

Perhaps you used to hold False Gods before plain Truth. Perhaps money was set as your value. Can you imagine anything like this being taken seriously? Might as well make sand be your exchange rate for the medium of wealth, or dust, or mildew, or anything else that doesn’t reach to the Heart of you, which is to say doesn’t reach to the hem of My Garment and My Heart.

How could so many human Souls consider gold to touch the soles of their feet? Money never could be the breadth and height and the ballast of your Soul. What nonsense goes on in this beautiful Earth? You will discover Life in its True Beauty and Magnificence. Don’t be led astray.

How misinformed you may have been. You have been excellent in accepting charlatanism and its kudos. At present, you may serve yourself only a crumb of the Truth of you.

Generally speaking, when someone says to you: “How dare you think you are worth so much?”, it means you have taken on a royalty beyond your worth. In this context now, it means: “How in the world do you have the gall to sell out your True Merit for the price of a cup of coffee?”

There are greater Tales that occur beyond these little bedtime stories which you have been falling asleep to. There is a Grander Story and one deeper and beyond what is called the veil. Heretofore, you have covered up the True Story of Your Glory with machinations of one kind or another. Your True Story will come shining through. This day is imminent. Honor yourself.

Among the fictive stories, many stories that haven’t yet begun are also true. There are more stories to unfold. There are the wild interpretations that you have been used to and will let go of in order to receive the One and Only True Story of Oneness which is ongoing and always forthcoming. Your eyes will see the Glory.

The Truth is that Glory will happen to you. All your interpretations are only interpretations that you mistakenly believe in. You are fervent in your beliefs. As awkward and fretful as your beliefs may be, you hang onto them as if they are your Lifeline when they are only a spin-off of an unfulfilling drama, a misinterpretation of a dream that really has nothing to do with the Truth of you.

Fortunately, I know where Our Story leads, and so I have High Hopes for you — not High Hopes but rather Perfect Knowledge of all that which will happen right before your eyes. Beloveds, I know you will choose your True Worth when you can no longer forestall it, and there will be none of this external fooling yourself.

Stories have outcomes of one kind or another whereas you have One Great Choice to rejoin Me where, all the while, truly, all along, you are already in Infinity with Me, here where We are such kindred spirits in Infinity as We can only always be.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff